What Is Poetry To You Poem by Ernest Makuakua

What Is Poetry To You

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What is poetry to you?
Is it life that will give your life endless possibilities of living?
A list of reasons why you must live?
Is Poetry life?
Does it give life?
Life to everything living and non living does it have its special place or universe?

Is it a feeling?
Will it make you feel the feeling of life?
The feeling of giving life
The feeling of happiness

Is poetry love?
Will it allow you love and to be loved?
Will it definitely offer love to others?
Love does poetry has endless description?
What is poetry to you?
Voice of reason?

Will it make you dance to the rhythm of life
Love what is poetry to you?
An inspiration
A motivation
Some kind notification
Provides Warning?
Calms people down?
Makes people think and change their lives around?
Is some sort of piece that provide peace?
Is it read?
Is it possible to act it?
How about singing?
What about dancing?
is poetry so diverse?
Yes poetry is all that and Poetry is more it has endless descriptions and definitions
What is poetry to you?

what poetry means to me and others and we all have different definitions of what poetry means to us
Ernest Makuakua 04 January 2016

To me its life its everything for everything that lives or exists is inspiring and has a story to tell

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Hans Vr 04 January 2016

This is a thought provoking poem, Ernest. I think poetry for me stands for the beauty, the vision, the inspiration in my life. Poetry is for me the original expression of our deepest self I think Emerson said it so nicely: while farmer A owns land A and farmer B land B, the poet owns the landscape. I love poems that provoke so many thoughts. Well done.

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Ernest Makuakua 04 January 2016

THANK YOU for sharing your view

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 11 January 2016

Yes poetry is all that and Poetry is more it has endless descriptions and definitions. this is a great piece Ernest, and the line above really describes poetry correctly.

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Edward Kofi Louis 23 September 2016

Poetry is everything about life! ! With the muse of the universe. Thanks for sharing.

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Elena Sandu 27 June 2016

Thank you for share, lovely read. Yes I agree with you poetry is all you say and more. Most favorite thing that poetry for me is Freedom my friend! Freedom to speak freedom to dream and think, freedom to create new things.

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Ernest Makuakua 27 June 2016

thank you Ladies and Gents for your inspirational comments. poetry is more

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Anzelyne Shideshe 14 April 2016

Poetry words that evoke meaningful suspense into your senses through Hearing and Reading.Lovely piece. Prost!

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Anne Yun 09 March 2016

What is poetry to me? It is those two butterflies who want to rest on a sunbeam. It is those jumping rains who want to dance on the leaves. Thanks, friend Anne

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Ernest Makuakua 10 February 2016

thank you AKHAM N SINGH

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