As She Sleeps Poem by Zachary Clark

As She Sleeps

Rating: 5.0

Watch the world as it spins unfazed
Day turned night and time slips way
Why I wish this time stood here
For all I want is near

Jenna here we lay arm in arm
A beauty fair and queen of my heart
Tonight I see, an angel in sheets
As I wish for time to cease

Yet here I know this reality lies
Engulfing desire it creeps as I writhe
I fight for love as time is does pass
Slowly it tears us 'part

Fear it does come ready to reap
The taste of love an' eternity
Yet here I fight for every breath
As time does cease to rest

Inside I cry sifting through dreams
Wondering 'bout my own mortality
As light's to pass darkness is found
Strivin' to keep us 'round

Yet all I see is death as it nears
Who's to help squash these fears
Beautiful Goddess wrapped in sheets
The angel of my dreams

So here I lay sunk into the bed
Laying 'side this lady I'll wed
Thinkin' 'bout the time that'll pass
And my heart she surely has

So let is be as one as we'd be
Wishin' for all the memories
Least we forget, our love we have
For alway, all of our eternity

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Zachary Clark

Zachary Clark

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