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There was this girl,
We'd been friends for awhile,
A long while.

We leave the drive and turn to the beach.
The tune of the tires on the dark hot road.
Pulling us away from the cold gloom of the woods.
Being bathed in the sun of the pristine sea.

No whisper or sound no twitch or movement.
Cars there is none no trains or other humans.
Animals quiet and insects resting frozen.
Inside your house in the living room your T.V. isn't blaring.

Hidden deep in the night is a passion so strong;
It gets heated so intense the burns in the cold air.
The moon so big and bright it's white shining whole;
It shows the love of the couple so right.

My friend’s heart is dying.
Your love for him was lying.
How could you do this?
With that precious little kiss.

Picked on, Ridiculed, Mocked, unwanted kid.
Goes running and makes his cute face hid.
Doing drugs to take away the pain.
He and his mind are starting to go insane.

When you are a writer you write a good book,
Sometimes you see the cover you need another look.
Books pull you in and throw at you there might,
Some books are just as jumbled as they seem at first sight.

I stare at this paper so white
I just don't know what's so right
I want to write on it
I would love to write a sonnet

Hm first poem ever wrote by ME. ^_^

I look at you up in the sky
It just makes me wanna cry

Within is a meadow filled with undying love,
Having a giant bright beautiful light shining from above.
Surrounding the clearing is willows galore,
The grassland trees are the one thing most would adore.

Babies just don't like to talk do they?

I have talked to you for hours
Droning on and on about me


Love of strong will all through the night
Show the love of pleasant heat right
As we all know the kiss is the start
Of the feeling opposite of tart

We've all had our first love right? We all know it's not fake this is a dedication to all those that didn't last.

Puppy love is as real as can be
Puppy love is real love and should be held in the highest degree

Look into my eyes
See what I feel
See what's a disquise
See what is real

Why am I cowering in this ball of metal?
Why did I grab that open Wiskey bottle?
I am in so much pain wishing this would go away.
So I am sitting here thinking for a happier day.

Love is the feeling in ones stomach of fluttering,
The butterflies that envelop the pit.
The heavy stuck rock in the bottom of ones throat.
Stubborn as a jackass's retarded growth stunted son.

Are women really abnormally small?
Or are guys just way too freakishly tall?
Are we there to be a protector?
As women sit behind us and be our director.

Dear Diary,

Today is the first day I can go anywhere.
I hope the scary people with stars aren't still there.

Eyes red and blood shot
Draining not tears but blood
I have been in the face shot
Blood on my face like mud

What is with all the haters?
I am here pulling off the tatters.

What is with all the fakers?

Zachary Clark Biography

A 18 year old boy self motivated as a poet. He realized that a poet is unable to make a decent living so he decided to share it to the world. He has gone through some things in the past boosting his descriptive power and personal presence in everything he writes. He wishes someday everyone will be touched by at least one of his works...)

The Best Poem Of Zachary Clark

Promise Me One Thing.

There was this girl,
We'd been friends for awhile,
A long while.

She looked upset, distant,
I asked her what was wrong,
She was silent

I asked her if I could help,
I asked her if she cared,
She was stubborn

I asked her if she loved me,
I asked her if she wanted to kiss me,
Her lips barely quivered

As I said, 'Well then I'll be off, '
She touched my wrist,
I stood still as a statue

She pulled soft on my arm,
I turned around,
She was there

On her tippy toes,
She then lightly, gently,
Slowly kissed me

She then said,
Barely a whisper,
'What is wrong is,
I love you

How can you help me
Is by holding me close,
Never letting go

Do I care,
I only care for you,
You alone

Do I love you,
That is why I am
forever scared

Do I want to kiss you,
Everyday there is a rising sun
Running across the darkness
bringing a new dawn
the coming of a new day

I want to kiss you

Every time I see a couple
Holding each other
Close, giggling

I want to kiss you

Every time I see my Mom and Dad
Watching them express
the the love they have
for each other

I want to kiss you

Every time I see kitten
Stretching, sprawled
Cute, innocent on the floor

I want to kiss you

Every time you say, 'Hi' to me
I turn my head to blush and think

I want to kiss you

Every time you say
Your my friend forever

I want to kiss you.

That is what is wrong that is
why I must ask you one thing'

I was curious,
I also asked slowly,
'What would that be? '

She says not more
than seven words,

'Promise me,
You'll always love me,

'I promise,
For I have ALWAYS,
Wanted to kiss you.'

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Christiahna Pittman 29 August 2015


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Taylor Walker 24 August 2009

i love ur poems there awesome. u should read mine there good but not as good as urs

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Jennifer Morgan 18 May 2009

i liked it.i just dont think that it was about anything very important

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Gordon Smith 15 March 2009

There was a great flow of majesty in this poem. Very must the essence of a cat....

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Anderlee Goforth 10 March 2009

I loved it has touched my heart

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