Zachary Clark Poems

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Loves Power

Love is the feeling in ones stomach of fluttering,
The butterflies that envelop the pit.
The heavy stuck rock in the bottom of ones throat.
Stubborn as a jackass's retarded growth stunted son.

Dear Dairy,

Dear Diary,

Today is the first day I can go anywhere.
I hope the scary people with stars aren't still there.

If Mad Is A Hatter Then Mad Am I

If mad is a hatter then mad am I
We'll riddle a needle to that of an eye
Make monkeys purple and rabbits fly
Then when one of the 'sane' asks us why

The True King

In a concealed
Enchanting clearing,
Is a deep Royal Blue river,
That shimmers bright

Hiding From Society

I don't know the
real me.
A shadow.
A lone cloud.


Help! Help! Please help me!
I need help...
I am alone in a darkened room
I hear my echoing cries

Grey In Extremes

Humming at the world
As the world screams at me
Searching the darkness
But there is nothing to see

Never Forget

It is, but the one way
That gate of no return
Deep within Auchwitz

As She Sleeps

Watch the world as it spins unfazed
Day turned night and time slips way
Why I wish this time stood here
For all I want is near


Love can be followed through time
Often seen in its greatest hour
The sight is always so sublime
As you see the word's mighty power

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