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Wrapped carefully in words, feelings
travel across the miles. Edgy fingers;
wait to kiss the heart of keyboard,
mindful of space bar.

Branches reaching out for us
Extended arms in embrace
Birds nesting everywhere
She stands tall with grace

Bubbles surface; disrupt the calm
The mind can't find, the key to
the heart's vault, where desires
tempests echo.

One day when the sun shall rise
and the world's short of a pair
of eyes. Someone negotiates
the price of wood in shambles.

A sea of defunct toys
Canvas of walls smeared
with colors of joy;
patterns of art;

My first words are forgotten
Just as the first step I took years ago
As the tire marks in the rear vision
fail to attract anymore

May smiles be the link;
Between you and me.
May smiles be the spirit.
That sets us free

The wind carries soft whispers
that winter has preserves for me.
The morning sun opens its eyes,
Rays struggle to see through the fog.

The dentist's voice echoed
from the valley of bicuspid.
Unseen, insignificant roots
that held ground so far,

I often sit alone and think,
brood over and speak to myself.
These small moments lift silence
within the self, do help.I stay.

Soft hum dissolves into hypnotised air;
That surrounds the sleeping angel.
Sweetened breaths travel the nasal freeway;
As the hum transforms into silent beats.

Burried in the pages, I struggle
to breathe; Sticking my neck out
half dead; From my grave
a chapter half read

When you light a candle this year
Capture the spark in your eye
let it twinkle through the life
like a star pasted in the sky

The stars shall shine little longer
tonight, little brighter as well, for they
need to match the spark of her eyes. The
flowers ' fragrance shall have to live

Through the corner of her eye
she catches me, fumbling with
my blackberry's key. Taps on my
shoulder; says, “ Pop - I am here”.

buying dreams was easy for me too
Just signed up a loan
; leveraged and bought all;
Cheap money could buy..

her smile;
her think;


I create and destroy
I am the wheel sunk in the mud
I am the path and the clouded dust
I am you

The eyes that spoke one day
are silent now, like a limpid moon
that has lost it's motion
to a dark flying monster.

Little painter in my home;
Standing, sitting, thinking alone.
With colors she does create;
Deep thoughts that permeate;

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Wrapped carefully in words, feelings
travel across the miles. Edgy fingers;
wait to kiss the heart of keyboard,
mindful of space bar.

To know more about
each other, They live another day
full of smiles. Praying in their world;
playing the part assigned.

Heartbeats heard, stethoscope
not required, each beat expressive of
its intent. Far yet near
Faint yet clear.

Unseen forces; unknown faces,
Concerns for each other;
Silent reminders of existence
and belief at other end.

Undiscovered magnetism;
they defy the written
laws - likes repel, unlikes attract.

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Pierre Rausch 19 May 2013

Dear Nikunji Saharma, Enigma of stocks is terrific. I used it in Stock Exchange (tab) . Find it on thhe net in june.

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Surya . 09 November 2009

a beautiful poem.touching subject, . voted10 surya

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Bele Lele 20 July 2009

Great poet, , all of your poems are just brilliant.Shuld deffinetly keep on writing because you are really good at it.

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