As Years Go By Poem by Timothy Long

As Years Go By

As the years go, so does everything in me change, the years take the talent and drive, nothing is fine, how Devine, it's sad to know it's a lie, let the falseness fry, maybe I should let it die, it's to late to cry, there is no more ties, just a tale to tell, on my way to hell, the seasons will change, but the heart does not, there is only one, she will strive, your mind takes a die, some will not escape the fog, lost in the dark below, the naive will accept, the banter can't exceed, the years become blank, the months go fast, the weeks dredge on, with days becoming memories, what a waste to delete this time, the responsibilities are no more, just free space to start a new, what's lacking? All I ever am is slacking? No one to listen, everyone sent packing, fate has never been so bleak, I'm an empty canvas, a philosophical dilemma, the emptiness gets old, I just want to now be left alone, nothing left, nothing there, why be scared? Stress takes over but it kills, why get in your feels, as years go by, I just want to die, no success, no goals, nothing to live by or for everyone left, I'm alone, always have been, a freak disclosed, the life I live is no different than being dead, a boring life of waste, let me be, I want to be set free, as the years go by, it gets easier to die.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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