Bri Mar

'' At Last My Life Begins '' - Poem by Bri Mar

As you matured and fell in love,
This was going to be for life,
You knew that when you met him,
One day you'd be his wife.

You both had really good times,
Three kids and a beautiful house,
Your life was really rosy,
You never realised he was a louse.

When you met and fell in love,
The charm he had mastered,
Little did you realise,
He was a dirty cheating dastard.

Now he's gone and left you,
You think to yourself, why me,
Banish those thoughts and look ahead,
Then very soon you'll see.

It's not just you it's his family,
All his friends as well,
He's showed he never gave a damn,
Now let him rot in Hell.

Throughout all this you're innocent,
Remember you stayed true,
This will give you comfort,
Whenever you feel blue.

Never ever blame yourself,
You always did your best,
When you learn to accept that,
You'll give your mind a rest.

Now that you're away from him,
You can start your life anew,
You'll soon gain your self- respect,
He'll be the one to stew.

We humans have a conscience,
It can give us serious strife,
His will make him suffer,
For the remainder of his life.

Never ever seek revenge,
That gives some sick pleasure,
Time will show and he'll soon know,
He's lost his greatest treasure.

Discard the hatred you feel inside,
Then you'll start to feel elation,
That's when you'll find your inner self,
It's a wonderful sensation.

Banish his memory from your mind,
Although it lasted long,
You can live with conscience clear,
You did nothing wrong,

One thing you must never forget,
He's a filthy lying cheat,
So get out there, enjoy yourself,
Show the world you can't be beat.

You must stay strong and resolute,
Stay true to what you've done,
When you see your life improve,
You'll know you've finally won.

When your kids have grown up,
You can shout out loud,
I kept my values through all this,
For that I'm really proud,

Life is short so make the most,
While you're still here,
Be proud of your achievements,
Your future is now clear.

Then as your life moves on apace,
A message you can send,
Is life goes on regardless,
Your broken heart will mend.

Soon you will be back in life,
You'll show him with a force,
That you'll be even stronger,
When you get that divorce,

You can walk with head held high,
You'll be the one who wins,
New love will come and you will shout,

'' At Last My Life Begins''

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