At Night Poem by Dewald Viljoen

At Night

Rating: 2.1

I miss you most at night, I think.
In the last few moments before you sleep,
when a hard day's work and a tired mind,
drew back the curtains of your soul.
We would talk in low voices,
as if not to disturb the gentleness between us,
and the rest of the world faded to black,
leaving us alone,
telling of the day, sharing dreams and ideas.
I have listened to your soft voice so many times,
it had become the song in my heart.
My eyes gazed upon your sleeping face
and I became addicted.
And when sleep finally took you over,
even when I knew,
you would talk no more,
I would have to force myself,
to turn of the light,
to step into the night,
and to leave you alone to dream.

I have often asked myself,
why life was this cruel?
Why did I need you like a drug,
when you could not love me anymore?

I miss you most at night, I think.
In the last few moments before I sleep,
when my soul longs for what it briefly had;
The warmth of your body at night.
The smell of you, sleeping in my arms.
The sound of you, saying my name.
The sight of you, first thing in the morning.
I lost all I ever needed,
when I lost you.

I miss you...

Ashraful Musaddeq 24 August 2008

Wonderful expression of missing!

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Anju K 01 May 2008

I think you just became my favorite poet; so honest, so clear. I guess it is true heartbreak that brings beauty this true to people's eyesight. This is good poetry.

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Pablo Forever 16 March 2008

This is a stunning poem, Dewald... I know exactly what emotions you stuggle with... very honest.

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Dewald Viljoen

Dewald Viljoen

Swakopmund, Namibia
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