At One With Nature Poem by Paul Amrod

At One With Nature

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A babbling brook winding endlessly further
disappearing through glades of fern and flowers.
Anticipating the reappearance of the fairy
once gliding and pirouetting to empower
the birth of the blossoming cherry.
Multitudes of hidden wonders
in secretive whispering storms of thunder,
releasing the phosphorescent rainbow
and falling deeply into a mystical slumber.
The fairy princess is plucking a mallow
while decorative fashion is to hallow
the gift of solace and quintessence.
The gentle whisper of the waves in our solitary
retreat inspires a wholeness as the shallow
waters trickle through our toes as a tributary
merges with the bounding main in utter silence.
In search of lost letters and numbers
we will raise the chosen cross
without a glimmer of florescence.
Pitching horseshoes without a thought
in feverish moments the devil bought.
Nonetheless we proceed through the moss
barefoot and content in midsummer.
We will peddle wares in imaginary places
indebting the loneliest as they are taught.
Witnessing our surroundings with spaces
filled with wonderment and magnificence.
Weeping with joy amongst sweet faces
who tenderly stroke my soulful efforts
enfolding me with their heavenly presence.
Chanting mandalas in symmetric ease
in accordance with a summer's breeze
as it sings its never-ending harmonious support.
Then we gather Nature so picturesque
while the fairy intertwines an arabesque.
Manifesting the priest of the forlorn
whose passionate blessings heal all that's torn.
Rebounding altitudes in giant steps,
for this very purpose we are all adept.
Reiterating phrases of praise and healing.
Presenting emotions with deeper feeling.
Lost never again in our waywardness,
we will wallow in waters of sumptuousness.

Like the transcendentalists Emerson and Thoreau and the Native Americans, the concept of being one with Nature took high priority. How refreshing it is to read the "The Battle of the Ants" from Chapter 12 of Walden from Thoreau. Each spring is an enthralling new experience encompassing the beauty of our terrestrial surroundings. The most amazing view of our heavens can be observed on a moonless night many miles from artificial light and is truly breathtaking. Being at one with the universe and Nature brings a peace within and gives an uplifting positive influence to one's entire being.
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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