At The Funeral Of Sean Fay Poem by Francis Duggan

At The Funeral Of Sean Fay

The twenty ninth day of June 05 we will remember it was such a beautiful day
At Bayswater church and Yarra Glen cemetery we said our goodbyes to Sean Fay
A Winter sun shone in the blue sky in the Church yard a lone bag piper played 'Amazing Grace'
For a friend who had left us forever his was a known and well loved face.

At Yarra Glen cemetery in the warm sunshine there was not a gray cloud in the sky
A huge crowd assembled around Sean Fay's grave site for to bid him a final goodbye
And offer their support to his wife Josephine and their children though their grief won't subside in a day
In life there are good times and bad times suppose it is meant to be that way.

I was with a small group of the mourners at times like this we all tend to stick by our own
Mick Kissane, Mick and Rosemary Kelleher and Phil and Kitty Cronin people than I far better known
We stood there in sadness and silence for a friend who died at fifty four
A decent and a kind hearted person and one we would see never more

In the Mt Evelyn pub after the funeral we talked of the Sean Fay we knew
One devoted to his wife and children and to his many friends in life true
He had such a great sense of humor and though from life he is forever gone
In the hearts and minds of friends and family the great man will surely live on.

The sun it shone bright on the funeral of a man till death we will recall
Sean Fay one who loved life and people and one who believed in a fair go for all
And though some of his children now adults one can say that he did die young
He was such a marvellous person and his praises ought to be sung

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