Auguries Of Society (William Blake Revisited) Poem by Mary Havran

Auguries Of Society (William Blake Revisited)

Rating: 4.3

To see the World in the plight of Man
And witness Heaven in his soul’s flower
Tap at Infinity with your mouse hand
And touch Humanity through words’ power

A Child denied the right to bread
Shows Society as naught but dead
The Homeless freezing in the night
A symptom of a System’s blight
The Unemployed bereft of course
The Curse of Business for outsource
Today’s Lender seeking to foreclose
Unsupportable rates like does dispose
A Society that won’t on Health Care spend
Shall witness its Vitality meet with end
A Country hastily set on War to make
May by History be judged as in mistake
A Veteran left to bleed inside
A Nation’s mourning shall not hide
A Person hated for his skin tone
But condemns the hater for his own
Genocide is the disgrace of many
Who hold their own tribe above any
Failure to seek for disease a cure
Health of mind thus does obscure
To hold the Frail up to ridicule
Of the sound makes them the fool
Those forcing on others unwanted sex
As for satisfaction shall be left to vex
Cruelty to any of the Earth’s animals
Marks mankind as lowest among mammals
Failure to husband pristine nature
Shall lead to lives of lower stature
Destruction of all precious resource
Condemns the Future to painful course
Those who Greed view as their right
May spend Eternity deprived of Light
The Terrorist who spreads his Hate
Will discover his Devil inside too late

Yet Peace shall be the just reward
After into plowshares beating sword
When we master Love for Fellow Man
We fall in step with the Master Plan
And those who learn this lesson well
Need not in any Nightmares dwell
For when we see through the Soul’s Eye
What we once thought Truth reveals as Lie
Then God indeed appears in Human form
Viewing all men as brothers becomes the norm
With no fear remaining may we away
To dwell in Realm of this brighter day

Roy Storey 03 February 2008

I have all ways liked blake, good poet, this pome is a good one as somebody as all ready said a good up date. Thank you.

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Emma Corwin 23 January 2008

I recently re-read Auguries of Innocence this stands as a nice update.

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Ingred Krieg 20 January 2008

I do love this in particular the last stanza. Very wonderful vision if people would learn.

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James Walbourne 18 January 2008

WOW! I was never fond of the original, but this one I do like.

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Steve Trimmer 18 January 2008

Well spoken. Thank You for these words. Truth is fore`er.

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