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Aunt You Are In Frame Of Mother - Poem by Pintu Mahakul

My mum is your dearest elder sister,
Oh dear Mausi, time is great twister.
Board is affection and is your vision,
God's wonder creation is in revision.

Mother in turn motherhood you keep,
Like of mother your affection is deep.
We remember you, whispers here wind,
Like my mum, you are also very kind.

Value is kindness, from God we learn,
You teach values and virtues we earn.
In the frame of mother we feel you ever,
God is great, we thank him he is clever.

Your vision directs for having devotion,
Love and affection give eternal promotion.
Emotion sings here as you give direction,
Dear Aunt, really great is your affection.

Seeing innocence in your face we proceed,
In God's kingdom true wisdom we are feed.
Wherever your vision goes, blooms flower,
Your love directs us towards Super Power.

Copyright © Pintu Mahakul,11 July 2009. All rights reserved.

Topic(s) of this poem: affection, motherhood, social, spirituality

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem is written as a tribute to my maternal aunt (mother's sister) Smt. Jharana Dei Pradhan. This is a poem of motherhood, affection and spirituality. This poem is written on 11 July 2009 in Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
Cover photo Copyright © Pintu Mahakul,1st July 2009. All rights reserved.

Comments about Aunt You Are In Frame Of Mother by Pintu Mahakul

  • Dr Pintu MahakulDr Pintu Mahakul (6/16/2017 8:42:00 AM)

    Feedback received

    Zelda Ann Broussard (From Marshall, Texas, United States, / Lives in: Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States) : Nice ink! My dear friend!
    June 8,2017 at 5: 43am

    Wendy Ronshausen (From Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States / Lives in Mesquite, Texas, United States) : What a wonderful loving respect 💓
    June 8,2017 at 5: 59am

    Rosie Villorejo (From Tabango, Leyte, Philippines) : Praising God for giving us aunties. For when mothers aren't around, aunts are. They always be. It doesn't matter if they be your mother's sissies or a distant relative. We can't deny their presence.
    June 8,2017 at 6: 04am

    Mike Hauser (From Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States / Lives in Jacksonville, Florida, United States) : : You have such a good heart my friend... Wonderful tribute to a beautiful woman!
    June 8,2017 at 6: 15am

    Michele Fitzpatrick Dennehy (From Dublin, Lives in Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland) : What a beautiful piece dedicated to an auntie just wonderful my dear friend Pintu thank you for sharing
    June 8,2017 at 6: 23am

    Ephrem Yigletu (From Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) : Ya dear
    Love directs towards real and truth
    Within truth is our power what I mean the real power which enables us to move without any barriers and obstacles to reach everywhere being limitlessly if we could wear truth
    June 8,2017 at 6: 48am

    Debbie Hamera (Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, United States) : I love your admiration towards Mom's and that is why I love you. I always believed that I have never been as strong as I am until I became a mom. As a woman I was weak and as a mom I am strong. I thank God for the blessings every day of my life. Our children a beautiful blessing and I love being a mom more than anything in the world. Your mom must be so proud of you as most of us are. Hugs my friend and thank you for this beautiful share
    June 8,2017 at 6: 52am

    ****Reply**** Pintu Mahakul to Debbie Hamera: Thank you very much madam for highlighting Mother's importance in society and in children's lives giving your valuable opinion on this poem of motherhood. May God's blessings come to you and your family in abundance.
    June 8,2017 at 6: 55am

    ****Reply**** Debbie Hamera to Pintu Mahakul: And may all your well wishes and your love be returned to you tenfold. I am very grateful for our friendship.
    June 8,2017 at 6: 57am

    Bipin Churchung Rabha (From Tura, West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya, India) : Great tribute to own aunt. Beautiful Sir for having kind aunt. Thank you Sir for sharing.
    June 8,2017 at 7: 24am

    Jimmie Brown (Los Angeles, California, United States) : Love this peotry of your beloved aunt💝💝💝 What a special place she holds within your heart💝💝💝 Spiritual, Loving, and Kindness💝💝💝
    June 8,2017 at 7: 46am

    Gitima Deka (Assam, India) : A wonderful tribute to a loved and respected one
    June 8,2017 at 9: 21am

    Sharon Greenwell Gurley (Hayti / Concord, Missouri, United States) : A truly beautiful tribute to you Aunt. It is filled with love, emotion and Very spiritual and the love for your Mother and Aunt is so admirable!
    June 8,2017 at 9: 45am

    Marie Shine (From Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland) : A beautiful poetic potpourri of love and motherhood. An exquisite dedication to a beloved aunt who holds a special place in the writer's heart. Very spiritually penned, it is so nice to read of the powerful influence Auntie has on her loved ones. Superb crafting, dear Pintu. Gratitude for sharing. Blessings to you and your dear family always...
    June 8,2017 at 10: 30am

    Scott Ransopher (From Tempe, Arizona, United States, /: Lives in Garland, Texas, United States) A place to feel warmth of sun and soul and peer into eyes that did glow- that was good Pintu.
    June 8,2017 at 10: 54am

    LaSoaphia QuXazs (From Budapest, Hungary, / Lives in Annapolis, Maryland, United States) : I just read your poem to your Aunt, it is beautiful, that mean you have a great family, who brought out this from you. (sent to FB inbox on JUN 8TH,10: 57AM)
    As I said you have the best family, if you came out this way. It is good to see your thinking of her with so much love and respect. (in timeline on this poem)
    June 8,2017 at 11: 08am

    Jay Gopal Meher (From Kantabanji, Balangir, Odisha, India, / Lives in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India) : Very nice lines dear.....
    June 8,2017 at 11: 13am

    Deborah Anne Shepard (Olympia, WA, United States) : beautifully done, your heart etches pieces of gods beautiful work
    June 8,2017 at 11: 50am

    Carole Inchley (From Rochdale, United Kingdom, / United Kingdom) Lives in Wolverhampton: Thank you Pintu that was a lovely poem
    June 8,2017 at 12: 04pm

    Sally Bayan (From Manila, Philippines) : Lovely tribute! Your aunt must be a wonderful lady. We should all pay tribute to the wonderful people in our lives... while they're still around. Write on, Pintu.
    June 8,2017 at 12: 49pm

    Dorothy A. Holmes (From Baltimore, Maryland, Lives in Tappahannock, Virginia, United States) : A lovely tribute to your beautiful aunt as pictured here...Aunt/Mother go hand in hand in hearts of those with this blessing.
    June 8,2017 at 1: 20pm

    Rene Scott [@ Frances Rene Davidson] (Orlando, Florida, United States) : I agree with Ms. Sally's statement above. This is a wonderful write, Pintu, my friend. ❤ Love and cherish all of your loved ones while you have them. ❤
    June 8,2017 at 4: 17pm

    Jarid Miller (New Orleans, Louisiana, United States) : What can I say after reading this? You have a heart of gold and this poem is gold itself. Wonderful tribute, my friend.
    June 8,2017 at 4: 43pm

    Ency Bearis (From Nabua, Camarines Sur, Philippines / Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States) : Lovely write and well presented. A good accolade to your Aunt and to your mother or to a mother, great one.
    June 8,2017 at 4: 46pm

    Sylvia Frances Chan (From Jakarta, Indonesia, Lives in Haarlem, Netherlands) : Kindest and most loving Tribute I ever read to an Aunt. Greatly and highly put on Top next to your own beloved Mum, because she gave you also affection, that you only can say and feel, and this is so good for her to read this Tribute about her being and the life she cherished. Here we read still Super Power, in order to be able to rhyme. Rhymes are good and lovely, but when they do not mirror the situations correctly, you'd better go off the rhymes and just make it a prose poem. This is also a magnificent Tribute of course and I repeat the last six lines from your Tribute to your dear Aunt, since I regard them as jewels and very precious words you cherished. The whole poem as your excellent Tribute for your dear Aunt is one loveliest sight and it is touching my inner being. Thank you that you shared this poem from 2009, still loveliest and touching. Here are the six lines I mentioned: Emotion sings here as you give direction,
    Dear Aunt, really great is your affection.
    Seeing innocence in your face we proceed,
    In God’s kingdom true wisdom we are feed.
    Wherever your vision goes, blooms flower,
    Your love directs us towards Super Power. Fascinating created and fantastically worded. All my love for your dearest Aunt, younger sister of your beloved Mum and to you my most appreciative thoughts for this creation. Thank you so much. God's Blessings for you in Abundance. Sylvia Frances Chan, Poetess, Evangelist and World Traveler. for Dr. Pintu Mahakul.
    June 8,2017 at 7: 58pm

    ****Reply**** Pintu Mahakul to Sylvia Frances Chan: Thank you very much madam for your kind and brief feedback on this poem. Your feedback values more. I am deeply touched by your lovely words. I shall convey your best wishes to my loveliest Aunt. In this poem Super Power is refereed to God. He is super in all qualities. He is our eternal mother, father, aunt and everything. How we desire to feel him we can feel him. Although I write frequently rhyme poems still I write prose poems sometimes. Thank you very much for your best wishes and blessings and continuous support. May God bring happiness for you and for your family.
    June 8,2017 at 11: 16pm

    Ronell Warren (From Brooklyn, New York, Lives in Lives in Lynnwood, Washington, United States) : Solid writing here brother Pintu. Well penned poem.
    June 8,2017 at 9: 28pm

    Necy Baesa Escuro (From Nabua, Camarines Sur, Philippines) : I have my maternal aunt too and she is so close to my heart. shes just like a mother With this heartening poem of yours, it pays tribute to a lot of wonderful women in our lives and that includes our aunties.
    June 9,2017 at 12: 40am

    Tom Balch (Lives in Villanueva De Algaidas, Andalucia, Spain) A wonderful tribute to your dear aunt, Pintu
    June 9,2017 at 12: 43am

    Ed Rambeau (From Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States, / Lives in New York, United States) : Very beautifully written, Pintu. My congrats.
    June 9,2017 at 1: 40am

    Jeanne Alder (From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, Lives in Staten Island, New York, United States) : This lovely writing shows great respect and admiration for your aunt. She would be very honored and pleased to read this. Beautifully done.
    June 9,2017 at 4: 51am

    Valormore DE Plume (Sullivan, OH, United States) : This is a splendid tribute to your lovely Aunt, showing great appreciation for her warmth and wisdom. Thank you for sharing.
    June 9,2017 at 12: 23pm

    Flossy McGowan [@ Daisy Broadbel ] (London, United Kingdom) : This is so lovely Pintu. My mum (and Chay's) was a twin so it always felt like I had two mothers! Lovely tribute to your Aunt.
    June 9,2017 at 6: 01pm

    Rohan Guarda (From Belgaum, Karnataka, Lives in Bangalore, Karnataka India) : It's a beautiful Sir.......surely Aunt is a second's a wonderful poem dedicated to your aunt...
    June 12,2017 at 8: 45am

    Tribhawan Kaul (From Srinagar, J & K, India, Lives in Mumbai India) : In the hindi heartland, mother's sister is called maasee (like mother) . She always deserves the tribute as paid by you in this poem. Lovely and expressive. :)
    June 12,2017 at 10: 49pm

    Madan Gandhi (Lives in Gurgaon, Haryana, India) : Superb.
    June 13,2017 at 7: 21pm

    Bipin Churchung Rabha (From Tura, West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya, India) : Great tribute
    June 14,2017 at 2: 14am

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  • Rajnish MangaRajnish Manga (6/15/2017 6:41:00 AM)

    In her simplicity, affection and vision, your aunt is a true role model for other women. Thanks.
    In the frame of mother we feel you ever,
    Dear Aunt, really great is your affection.

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  • B.m. BiswasB.m. Biswas (6/8/2017 7:48:00 AM)

    Well tribute.....

    Seeing innocence in your face we proceed,
    In God's kingdom true wisdom we are feed.
    Wherever your vision goes, blooms flower,
    Your love directs us towards Super Power.

    Met. Sk Nurul Huda.

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