Indira Renganathan

Aurobindo 134 Savitri Book 9 - Poem by Indira Renganathan

'Although thou hast survived the unborn void..Line 156to
Choose a life's hopes for thy deceiving prize.'Line 216
'Yet since thy strength deserves no trivial crown,
Gifts I can give to soothe thy wounded life.'
First degree of Death's failure stepped down
Uttered an offer of a gift albeit he insisted
'Hope not to win back to thee Satyavan.'
An exquisite narration on human life on earth..

'As ceased the ruthless and tremendous Voice,
Unendingly there rose in Savitri,
Like moonlit ridges on a shuddering flood,
A stir of thoughts out of some silence born
Across the sea of her dumb fathomless heart.
At last she spoke; her voice was heard by Night:
'I bow not to thee, O huge mask of death, Line223 to
Give, if thou must, or, if thou canst, refuse.'Line 251

'First I demand whatever Satyavan,
My husband, waking in the forest's charm
Out of his long pure childhood's lonely dreams,
Desired and had not for his beautiful life.
Give, if thou must, or, if thou canst, refuse.'
Brave Savitri was thoughtful in firm voice...
'Death bowed his head in scornful cold assent'
'Uplifting his disastrous voice he spoke: '

'Indulgent to the dreams my touch shall break, Line267 to
Open at last on thee their marble eyes.'Line 274
'Go, mortal, to thy small permitted sphere!
Hasten swift-footed, lest to slay thy life
The great laws thou hast violated, moved,
Open at last on thee their marble eyes.'....

............My consciousness this moment,
O'Guru, I'm in invincible heights
Ineffable Thee embellishing poetic creation
My inquisitive apprehension, erring Thee may opine
May thereso, let Savitri in my self arise
Aroused thereso be knowledge and fortune

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