Indira Renganathan

Aurobindo 42 Savitri Book 2 - Poem by Indira Renganathan

An appreciation on Savitri
Book Two: The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds
Canto Seven: The Descent into Night
Words within inverted commas are Aurobindo's

A mind absolved from life, made calm to know,
The seal of tears, the bond of ignorance,
He turned to find that wide world-failure's cause.
'Away he looked from Nature's visible face
And sent his gaze into the viewless Vast, '
'That carries the universe in its timeless breadths
And the ripples of its being are our lives.'
Looking into the beyond beyond the beyond, audacious conquest..

'He saw the fount of the world's lasting pain
And the mouth of the black pit of Ignorance;
The evil guarded at the roots of life
Raised up its head and looked into his eyes.'
'A vague and lurking Presence everywhere, '
'A contrary Doom that threatens all things made,
'A Death figuring as the dark seed of life,
Seemed to engender and to slay the world.'

'Then from the sombre mystery of the gulfs
And from the hollow bosom of the Mask
Something crept forth that seemed a shapeless Thought.'
'A fatal Influence upon creatures stole
Whose lethal touch pursued the immortal spirit, '
'Even Light and Love by that cloaked danger's spell
Turned from the brilliant nature of the gods
Became themselves a danger and a charm, '

'Arrived the shadowy dreadful messengers,
Invaders from a dangerous world of power,
Ambassadors of evil's absolute.'
'Life looked at him with changed and sombre eyes:
Her beauty he saw and the yearning heart in things'
'Answering to a small ray of truth or love; '....

............My consciousness this moment,
O'Guru, I'm in invincible heights
Ineffable Thee embellishing poetic creation
My inquisitive apprehension, erring Thee may opine
May thereso, let Savitri in my self arise
Aroused thereso be knowledge and fortune

Topic(s) of this poem: prayer

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