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I do know if one can write one’s autobiography so truthfully
Without concealing facts,
It is not so easy to tell the truth,
As when it is presented, the facts are suppressed
And curtailed,
Cut short, censured and put before,
As one presents just the good things,
Not the bad things,
The errors are omitted.

An autobiographer is a liar, who keeps lying about,
His life story,
As it is very difficult to be true to one’s life,
Art and fiction,
The things may be artistically,
But not the hidden facts of life,
Can an old lover spot the past beloved,
Who has still a family to deal with?

Personal life and the story of relationship as often belied
Which an autobiographer cannot be true to,
He will not have the guts to reveal them,
The closed file of his life and relationship,
In an autobiography, something is hidden
And something is said about.

Only the autobiography of a famous man sells it,
The world loves to read it
Otherwise the things are not so
As we take them for,
Wish to get from the leaves of the book of life
Written as a subjective anecdote.

My life what will you know about,
The ups and downs of it,
The troubles and tribulations,
My toil, tears and sweating
As for to travel a long way in life,
As for to make a distinction.

Dave Walker 09 August 2013

Very few people will reveal all. A great poem.

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