Back To Back Poem by Denis Martindale

Back To Back

Back to back, there stood two meerkats,
Just staring into space,
As if they looked like scruffy brats
Who had no poise or grace...
Yet each meerkat found affection
And mutual respect,
To gaze off in each direction
With peace you can't neglect.
As they leaned against each other,
Just taking in the day,
Were these two father and mother
To little ones at play?
Perhaps they stood there tired out,
Without the strength to move...
Plum-tuckered out to run about
And now stuck in a groove...
Suffice to say, they made me smile...
Life's no long drawn out thrill.
Sometimes you need to rest a while
And just take time to chill...
It's nice to let the world go by,
Watch fluffy clouds sail past...
You'll never hear a meerkat sigh
Who's found true love at last...

The poem is based on the magnificent painting
by Stephen Gayford called 'Back To Back'.

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