Back To Business Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Back To Business

I'll do anything you want.
Like a slave to a continuous taunt.
You're so out of my league.
Batters up a swing and a miss.
An uneasy kind of kiss.
Perfection in the cheating soul.
Losing all control.
Talk of so much deep desperate agony.
If we could only forget it all wouldn't it be so much for the better.
Hiding behind curtain's or under the sheets was never my idea.
Yet when we're so wrong it feels so good.
Betrayal​ of my better judgement and good common sense.
This is all under a false pretense.
No promises, just one a look and we know.
This is only temporary, we both are already weary.
Short lived but still we are good friend's in the end.
Sometimes that's for the best.
So much less that we need to confess.
We know when and whom will benefit.
Living a lie without any regret.
A taste without a full course meal.
This is a broken heart on the rebound.
Just one more stitch with the most delicate needle and thread.
Some words are best left unsaid with a simple kiss to the forehead.
And off we go each doing our own little show.
No need for faltering egos.
Acceptance and tolerance are our greatest strength and weaknesses.
Now it's back to business.
A first of many times yet come.
Wishing it was ways it wasn't.
Dreaming of the end of possibilities.
What happens when, the words slip too close to the chest.
A voice still haunting me like it's my only ghost.
Skeletons jumping out of the closet screaming how could you.
And all I have to say is how could I not.
I would want the same, somebody to be there in my moment of shame.
To hold me, to bring me back to my feet.
Courage is act of do something regrettably stupid for the better of someone else.
Doesn't matter the reprecussions.
As long as you did right in long run.
And sometimes it might be that you actually have fun.
A fear that is not so hard to overcome.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: cheating,friendship,loss,love
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