Back To Stone Age Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Back To Stone Age

Rating: 4.9

I am happy to return to Stone Age
Old intolerance ghost is out of cage
Hatred and violence continue to creates rage
Nothing can be written on simple page

We have not matured and grown with age
Hell bent on rampage and committing carnage
Under the disguise and show cleverly managed
All looked so orderly and meticulously arranged

Does religion permit or allow shaking of faith?
Is it so hollow that compels us to meet with death?
Do we urge more and find berth?
Religions are many or in fact there is no dearth,

Faith is not limited and not restricted to self
Confined to books and not retained in shelf
Spreading poison and venom across the holy land
Dirty game is on and seems to go out of hand

Kill the holy animals to inflame the passion
Coupled with Loot, fire, chaos, burning and arson
Still no grief at heart and appeal for peace
Meeting with persons for situations to ease

Where we are heading for and still waiting
Unruly scenes go on without check and un-abetting,
Situation is allowed to worsen and letting things go
Hitting us below the belt with no ice melting so

For ages we have remained different
Not acknowledging the weakness prevalent and inherent
All below the surface but not looking apparent
Not happened in past but raising head in current

We will not shed the difference and say
Not to surrender and no willingness to pray
Try to create hegemony and complete sway
Misguiding public opinion and carrying away

Let unruly rule the scene
Witness the destruction never before seen
No willingness on part or more so keen
Part of the game though actually not have been

Are we heading for disaster?
No one is there to control as master
World is moving with speed and closing faster
why we play the role as that of blaster

Have yet not crossed all the limits?
Do we not undermine His role and not submit?
Can not candle the light and lead the procession?
Show to world the correct path with cessation

Lot of damage has been done to malign humanity?
There is no useful purpose of its continuity?
You may see the reason in its futility
Life with change to find super quality

No need to go backing Old Stone Age
It is nothing but bondage and cage
We should not burn from with rage
Let us start with new resolve on page

Radha Seth 02 August 2009

Faith now not confined to self, Confined to books and retained in shelf...we are proviong difficult...10

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Mohammed Hassan 20 October 2009

very beautiful poem i really like it it's beautifully written 10

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Connie Marcum Wong 04 August 2009

I commend you writing in English which is a difficult language to learn even for those raised in America. I must disagree with your sentiments on growth as I believe there has been much growth in all societies. There will probably always be those who wish to solve disagreements with war, but I am hopeful that humanity is becoming more enlightened and I see this by how my country has grown. Even twenty years ago it would have been impossible for us to have a mixed race president. Growth is slow but the time is here to rejoice in positive changes that are occurring all over the world. Namaste', Connie

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Saroj Davde 02 August 2009

Does religion allow shaking faith? religionforbid so many things....10

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Marieta Maglas 28 September 2009

Let unruly rule the scene, Witness the destruction never seen, No willingness or more so keen, But part of the game though actually not been wonderful poem, very well written.........10

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Heaven 01 October 2018

Ilike your stories they are very good.

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Rajnish Manga 24 November 2014

This poem is a befitting commentary on our age and times. The man has made tremendous progress. But still the false vanity is driving us towards insanity. man v/s man, machine v/s machine and ideology v/s ideology. So much devastation and bloodshed. What for we took off from that wretched stone age?

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Cheryl Griffith 01 February 2010

I read a few of your poems. Your strike me as a tinker, you have the essence of a poet who sees the pain, hurts and issues that affects life, society and humanity as a whole and speak out about it in your poems. I especially like the first two stanza in Back to Stone Age. Your poems all have a particular rhythm which is good but become a bit singsong as it goes along. Also they tend to come across as just some words that rhyme because you focus on the rhyme more than anything. Look at poetic devices they can help your work. You have good potential

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bye bye... bye bye 12 December 2009

I think it´s even worse! We are not back to Stone Age, we never left it! Very well penned, it´s tragical that it needs to be written, though...

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Deodath Debideen 23 October 2009

Very well scripted. Somebody is scripting DOOMSDAY. Yet, there is hope in this sad present.

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