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I was born in Madrid, Spain. My family migrated back to Nigeria when I was about 3 years old. Today I live in Madison, WI.

I love poetry. I love the 'Arts'...Art is all around us.

I am not the Soccer Star David Beckham; but I do play and coach soccer as well.

I just turned 33 in July. That is how old Jesus was when he died.

I am happ ...

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Minnie Gehrig 13 August 2010

David is a true artist and a vivid poet, I am happy he has shared his wonderfull poems with me.

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Thea Bisenberger 02 March 2011

Very moving The man behind the glasses

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Nanthinii Mohan 03 September 2011


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Cecil Van Wyk 19 August 2011

Your poem I enjoyed reading it

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Tammy Arthur 18 August 2011

Yes I liked it it was good thank u for sharing it with me.

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Clifford Villaflores 16 August 2011

Just this moment I should escape to safety, this many fantasies I care not resist I can relate to your poem entitled Mirage 'The thoughts of trust betrayed and sheep in wolves clothing, the one I thought I knew, and whom I gave my trust to, but turns out he wasn’t the one I thought I knew' I love the lines above. Somehow this could happen to all of us.

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Rekha Mandagere 07 March 2011

Thought as well as expression go together in your poems. They are lovely and readable. Friend, inspire the world with your great imagination.

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The Best Poem Of David Beckham

The Theory Of Absolution

Dearest Son,

Today is the day that you are born

Your eventual exception to the way I will raise you will remain

Hugs, flowers and kisses, everything that I have I give to you

I wish I could isolate myself from your life

From whom you are going to grow up to be

But how can I? … The apple does not fall far from the tree!

Therefore my apologies at this time of birth I offer

That my ideas rub off on you and cause you to be who you didn’t want to be

Or that my way of upbringing causes you to be a recluse

But you did all right for yourself as an adult but hated still some of my influences

In time, I would get older and weaker and you will get older and stronger

In time I will lose my faculties and you will get smarter

But label not my ways as foolish I beg of you

What I have, I will give to you … Food, comfort, life

In so far as not to our past we can return to change things, for that is foolish to think

But in time therefore, consider my actions and find them ‘blameless’

I too shall consider your ways ‘blameless’

But by this understanding, that we may pursue life in great fulfillment and joy

We have come together in God's time to create this story

I hope you can accept the outcome of your life on this day of your birth

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David Beckham Popularity

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