Badgers In The Wood Poem by Matt Mooney

Badgers In The Wood

Rating: 4.2

Stopped in our tracks
We stood in the wood
Seeing her pass before us:
She was the badger black and grey
Who shared our sylvan glenside.

Barely breathing in wonderment
We watched the quiet manoeuvre
As her three cubs in single file
Followed closely behind their mother.

They all had their birth
In their set in the earth
Beneath a tall beech on the hillside.

Today their thirst made them bold
To take their pathway of old
Down to the pool in the stream
To have a long drink of cool water.

They are known to be shy
Of the sun when it's high,
To hunt by the moon till daybreak.

We have new life in our glen
And imagine the thrill
To meet in our blue belled wooland.

Chris G. Vaillancourt 15 October 2009

Brilliant piece. loved it. -

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Ben Gieske 07 August 2009

You paint a nice picture of this scene capturing that moment of delight. It's always nice to record some of our actual experiences especially when it involves nature.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 05 August 2009

I really enjoyed this wonderful poem, Matt, because I had the same experience of seeing badgers in the wood. Such poems are very rare these days. Thanks for evoking my memories........10/10. Best Regards Naseer

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Susan Jarvis 24 July 2009

A beautiful poem, full of breathtaking images conjured through wonderful words - 'shared in our sylvan glenside' is superb! S :)

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Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney

South Galway, Ireland.
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