Alive By The Lee Poem by Matt Mooney

Alive By The Lee

Rating: 5.0

A tall man bends low,
While there is time,
To pick up a lost coin
Lying in the bus lane,
Before the evening rush.

Students heading home
Hungry for their dinner
High up in rented rooms
Across the Shaky Bridge
Up there in Sunday's Well.

We walked by the Lee,
A looking glass for trees;
First kisses on a bench
As wild ducks pair away.

Sunset on the Western Rd.
Now an avenue of gold;
Blackbirds begin to sing
Around the Pink Clinic-
Place of medical healing.

On a building site next door
A dumper driver determined
To utilise the light of day
Lays up another load on top
Of a heap of stone and clay.

In the new hotel, the Kingsley,
Champagne in slender glasses:
Popping corks, loud laughter
And the night falling in the city;
The sweet music of a harp
Scintillating under chandeliers.

Patrick McFarland 05 September 2009

It's been too many years since I was last in your beautiful Isle, and this terrific poem makes me long to return. 10+++

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nomad omnia 17 August 2009

Takes me right back to student days, Matt. A different city, no doubt, but the same elemental truths. A great poem. N

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Kanav Justa 08 November 2013

This is such a beautiful poem... well done

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Adeline Foster 23 April 2010

A lovely Poem. I wanted to give you a 10, but the site refused my vote. Just consider it noted. Adeline

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Marieta Maglas 19 April 2010

Very well expressed ideas, very beautiful poem, bright imagery, thank you for sharing....

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Rachel Butler 08 November 2009

'We walked by the Lee, A looking glass for trees; First kisses on a bench' Rachel Ann Butler

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Surya . 09 September 2009

vow! beautiful scenes well described.bright imagery.nice poem. voted10 surya

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Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney

South Galway, Ireland.
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