Beautiful Angels

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people think they know my story
and everything about me
but honestly you know only
somethings about me
i cant seem to let you in
i cant seem to accept your love
im scared how it will
turn out in the end
i wish God can send me
beautiful angels
who can guide me
if i ever get hurt
because maybe then
i can let everyone in


I know how you feel. Very well written. I wrote a poem about an angel too, but you don't have to read it, cuz I really liked yours.

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Branden Aeling 06 June 2010

the hurt helps you to realize who your true friends are and who truly loves you, plus it helps you to love deeper. but i enjoyed reading to say the least, definitely a thought that runs through many minds

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Jordan Scown 27 May 2010

aww soo good so powerful soo good my friend Godbless

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I know how you felt when you wrote this i can relate. very well written.

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Ryan A. Murray 23 May 2010

i like this one a lot! very personal and emotional! great!

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