First Kiss Poem by robin machorro

First Kiss

Rating: 4.8

first kiss people say its something
you shouldnt forget
isnt it suppose to be something romantic?
first kiss people say it should be something
you wont regret
isnt it suppose to leave you with bliss?
well i can honestly say my first kiss
was nothing like that
mines was dirty, mines was force
kissed the boy because he wouldnt
be quiet about how he wanted to taste
my lips
because he knew i was nice, he knew
i would just give in
because in his world no turns to a yes
when he knew its not what i wanted
he got his wish, he made me lose
my first kiss, only 14 not sure what
the true meaning of love was
but at the moment i thought
it was what he was giving to me
then he asked for more
wanted to go all the way
but of course i said no
i want to save it for the boy
who i know who loves me and more
but of course he wouldnt take that
as an answer
left me with no warning
not one single word
cried myself to sleep for me to even
think that he liked me for me
cried myself to sleep because i gave my
first kiss away to someone
who wouldnt even stay
when i could have saved it for the day
i met a boy who would never use me that way

Edder Ramirez 09 November 2010

sad really sad poem: (thats so mest up u lost your first kiss that way i feel so sorry for you hope you find the right guy for u :)

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T H 27 October 2010

I give this a ten because of its display of reality. You need to kiss a lot of toads 'fore you find your prince. Sorry you had one with extra warts.

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Hope Anonymous 19 August 2010

A first kiss is something that should be treasured with that one. I'm sorry you had to lose yours that way. I'm still waiting for mine: -)

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