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people think they know my story
and everything about me
but honestly you know only
somethings about me

laying on the grass breathless


they say spoken words lead to a bond
they can bring you together as if
you were one
but if my words were spoken

looking in the mirror, brusies everywhere
look at what you done to me
dont you feel bad for beating up your own daughter?
shakeing from fear, gasping for air

first kiss people say its something
you shouldnt forget
isnt it suppose to be something romantic?
first kiss people say it should be something

would you rather live with the rain
or would you rather live with the sun
would you rather feel pain
or feel happyness from above

oh, so sweet, so lovely
handsome, sexy, and funny
everything i need is in you
never have you made me feel blue

driving slow in the raining storm
your telling me how much it meant to you
yelling at me but what did i do?
you said i have to learn to put some more trust in you

nights darker then you can imagine
i remember this dream that scares me
your hands stoping my breathing
your loves turns to hate, your words are


his eyes doesnt shine like a star
a duck walks better then he does
the way he sings is something you dont want to hear
you would never want to run your hand through his greasy hair


April you will never be forgotten
i stored your memories away
you taught me a lesson that took me forever to learn
you healed the hurt i was holding for so long

I took the chance to get to know
who you are, what you been through
what you had to say surprise me
I was interested more and more each day

we talk about one day while on the phone
your handsome voice reassures me
that your being honest,
one day will be here soon


2: 00 AM in the morning
your sleeping and i wonder what your dreaming
your chest moving up and down
smile on your face, what could you be dreaming about?


A flower you gave
on sunday morning
standing outside my door
with a smile in your eyes


staying up all night
trying not to close my eyes
waiting to see the sun rise
happy to know i was talking to you

the three words you said
brought me to tears
'forever' you said
no matter what happens

Moonless light
night turning into tomorrow
hours passing slowly
in my quiet room


my life is like lyrics of a song
dishes crashing on the floor
i am a singer, who has so much to say
i feel sick to my stomach, heart about to explode

you sing something so sweet and innocent
but the look in your eyes, you can tell you think of yourself as an accident
letting the whispers of doubt bring you down
having the monster come in and show you how he thinks things are about

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hello im 16 years old ive been writeing for about 2 years now. i love my friends they mean the world to me im a very nice person and im very shy at first and i love meeting new people so dont be scared to send me a message :) hmm i love animals espcially dogs i love reading and listening to music im really open minded with music and i love makeing bracelets theres so much to know about me if you wanna know more ask me for my number or add me on myspace and thank you to anyone for all the sweet comments you left me and all the support it means alot to me i hope you guys enjoy my writeing<33)

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Beautiful Angels

people think they know my story
and everything about me
but honestly you know only
somethings about me
i cant seem to let you in
i cant seem to accept your love
im scared how it will
turn out in the end
i wish God can send me
beautiful angels
who can guide me
if i ever get hurt
because maybe then
i can let everyone in

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