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Beautiful Angels

people think they know my story
and everything about me
but honestly you know only
somethings about me


laying on the grass breathless


Coming From Me

they say spoken words lead to a bond
they can bring you together as if
you were one
but if my words were spoken

Another Day

looking in the mirror, brusies everywhere
look at what you done to me
dont you feel bad for beating up your own daughter?
shakeing from fear, gasping for air

First Kiss

first kiss people say its something
you shouldnt forget
isnt it suppose to be something romantic?
first kiss people say it should be something

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hello im 16 years old ive been writeing for about 2 years now. i love my friends they mean the world to me im a very nice person and im very shy at first and i love meeting new people so dont be scared to send me a message :) hmm i love animals espcially dogs i love reading and listening to music im really open minded with music and i love makei ...

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