robin machorro Poems

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Beautiful Angels

people think they know my story
and everything about me
but honestly you know only
somethings about me


laying on the grass breathless


Coming From Me

they say spoken words lead to a bond
they can bring you together as if
you were one
but if my words were spoken

Another Day

looking in the mirror, brusies everywhere
look at what you done to me
dont you feel bad for beating up your own daughter?
shakeing from fear, gasping for air

First Kiss

first kiss people say its something
you shouldnt forget
isnt it suppose to be something romantic?
first kiss people say it should be something

Would You Rather

would you rather live with the rain
or would you rather live with the sun
would you rather feel pain
or feel happyness from above

Break This Lock

oh, so sweet, so lovely
handsome, sexy, and funny
everything i need is in you
never have you made me feel blue


driving slow in the raining storm
your telling me how much it meant to you
yelling at me but what did i do?
you said i have to learn to put some more trust in you

Nothing But Hate

nights darker then you can imagine
i remember this dream that scares me
your hands stoping my breathing
your loves turns to hate, your words are


his eyes doesnt shine like a star
a duck walks better then he does
the way he sings is something you dont want to hear
you would never want to run your hand through his greasy hair