Beautiful Winged Ones! Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

Beautiful Winged Ones!

Beautiful winged ones!
Beautiful ladies! ! ! !
Beautiful winged young women,
Beautiful winged ones!
Flying up high! ! !
Around the world,
Around the Blue Planet,
Beautiful winged ones living on a beautiful Island;
At a secret place of the earth,
Islandof Women! !
Island of beautiful young ladies.

Beautiful winged ones!
Beautiful winged young ladies flying around the world! !
In search of men to marry them;
In search of handsome winged men to marry them!
These winged beings are living on a beautiful Island;
Crossing different oceans to meet them!
Colourful oceans to meet along the line;
You really need wings to fly around the world! ! ! !
If you are a handsome man;
Able to meet them.

Mystical and magical is true love! ! !
They spotted one! !
A handsome young winged man!
Flying around their territory! ! ! !
The Island of Women;
Full of beautiful woman!
With the aroma of nature.

Beautiful winged ones!
Beautiful winged young ladies! !
About forty of them! ! !
Started chasing this man!
This handsome winged young man seen in their territory! ! ! !
They just wanted a man to marry them;
Searching for men! !
Even if it is a man;
To take care of them!
The story of this ambition was given in a dream! ! !
Floating into another realm!
Realms of realms;
Seeing beautiful winged young ladies,
Flying around the earth,
Chasing after a handsome winged man in their territory.

Flying around! !
Winged ones!
Realms of realms! ! ! !
Dreaming along;
Beautiful winged ones!
Flying around the globe;
Flying around the Blue Planet! ! !
In search of men to marry them.

Saturday, August 15, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: dreaming,expressions,poetry
Edward Kofi Louis 15 August 2020

Floating along in another realm! ! Realms of realms! ! ! ! Dreaming along.

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