Beauty Poem by Josey Alfred


This world is a Paradise of beauty!
And is so for our eyes can compute
And our mind accepts it as truth!
And assure us that we are right.

The Lord created us in his own image
As Adam and Eve, to enjoy life for ever,
Just blanked our mind to be unaware!
To be like free birds in sky!

We like angels marveled it all,
Rejoiced, the life in virtual peace,
And Satan felt madly jealous of us!
And decided curtail, our freedom.

He sneaked in there, as a serpent
And advised Eve, to ignore God's advice,
Offered the golden fruit of wisdom to her!
And made them to eat, to be like God!

From then on we became aware of ourselves
And naked flesh thrilled us all, the most!
We sought to enhance, beauty of body,
Ignoring the conscious and it's, call for peace.

Now our resources we spent for the body,
And beauty products, focused in idiot box,
Are prime mover of all sin and crimes!
We are starved for funds, to help the poor.

The soul keeps pleading to our mind,
Just begging us to care for the weak!
And to lend a helping hand to the poor,
But Satan, the serpent drives us to tyranny. ………

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty,misery,tragedy,tyranny
Valsa George 25 January 2016

Before our first parents disobeyed God, man lived in heavenly bliss and splendour. But now we have lost our sense of direction and we do not know what we should prioritize. We spend much time to care for the body and appease its cravings, ignoring our soul and and our inner well being! Enjoyed the poem!

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Josey Alfred 21 February 2016

Thanks Valsaji, We now look only at others for guidance, and ignore the cry from our souls,

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Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh 20 January 2016

But Satan, the serpent drives us to tyranny- well written.

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Josey Alfred

Josey Alfred

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