In Wild Wind Poem by Josey Alfred

In Wild Wind

Rating: 5.0

Culture, swept away now with wind
Or maybe slipped into culprits hands.
Such is the trend in this tainted land,
Hail our sociopolitical, systems unwound.

No infant, girl or grand ma, in our land,
Is safe in daylight, Oh! Cruel brigands,
We proclaim that we are in a safe land
Where cast, sex or religion, all well blend.

Now in this land, jungle laws abound,
And humanity besieged by selfish hounds.
To enforce bigoted culture, blind!
By poachers of human right now abound.

The rules and constitutional, safeguards ends,
When implementing it's provisions to find,
A solution to undo criminal practice to end,
Is a legend buried deep in soiled ground.

Now we are nation unable to amend,
Nor able to defend, the weak or blind,
To give solace to an infant bound
By the bandits ruthless hands.

Sunday, March 19, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: agony
Kim Barney 09 April 2017

Very powerful commentary on a tragic social situation. Congratulations for having it chosen as poem of the day!

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Valsa George 21 March 2017

'Now in this land, jungle laws abound, And humanity besieged by selfish hounds'................................ How true is the situation! Even in broad day light people are not hesitant to do the atrocities once they dared to commit only under the cover of darkness! We do not realize that with the ebbing values, the sand under our feet also is ebbing away! A powerful write!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 09 April 2017

Swept away now with wind... Reminds me of the somgs SWEPT AWAY and RIDE LIKE THE WIND popularized by CHRISTOPHER CROSS.... Congrats on being selected.....

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Norah Tunney 09 April 2017

I'm glad your speaking out against these injustices. This story needs to be told.Its always the weak who suffer. Strong, powerful poem thank you Josey 10 +++

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Ratnakar Mandlik 09 April 2017

An universal phenomenon and disgusting experience adroitly portrayed. Heartiest Congratulations on it's poem of the Day.

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Josey Alfred 12 May 2017

Thank you sir

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Christina Simmons 09 April 2017

This poem provoked many a emotions: anger, resentment and sadness. Deep pain. Soreness one can't get away from. Well done. Congratulation! ! !

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All too true what a sad world we live in when we are cruel to other living beings..good poem a ten..

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Clarence Prince 09 April 2017

How very sad, many people, instead of seeking God, they are getting themselves into deeper sin!

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Valsa George 09 April 2017

Congratulations on this being chosen as the poem of the day!

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Josey Alfred

Josey Alfred

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