Josey Alfred Poems

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Quick Sand

You think that by your own merit,

Lament Of A Mother

Could you not speak, just for a while?
Just for a while, just you and me.
I am your mum, call once a while.
I feel lonely, forlorn infirm.

In Wild Wind

Culture, swept away now with wind
Or maybe slipped into culprits hands.
Such is the trend in this tainted land,
Hail our sociopolitical, systems unwound.

Love Garden

I grew up in a fertile field
All called me lily of the wild.
My growing days were golden rich,
I grew up bright, without a hitch.


We may seek help from you, in life
Only few may help those in grief.
The rest ignore all cries for help
​​But all just wait expecting help!

I Felt Her Warmth

I felt her warmth above the ground
It threw the rime, from ridge of ground.
My soul dormant, yet felt her nigh,
I stirred to break the loose sand high.

Mom You Can Help

Your baby’s future is, in your hands
Teach him habits that make him fit,
To help survive in a bitter world,
And be happy throughout his life.

Dusty Gold

Give us this day our daily bread,
And free us from burden, too hard.
Dusty gold drew and destroyed men!
And made fool of much mighty men.

The Rib

Why was Eve made from Adams rib?
Was she to be emotions queen?
Was she to be his passion or pain?
With fairies face and a confused thoughts.

Each Child Is Like A Brook

Each child is like a mountain brook,
That flow by nature's own set scheme
Just like the breeze, through the mountain pass
Merge and mix with, the ether mass.

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