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Beauty Never Dies - Poem by Jennie Renee Sparrow

Can you hear me in your dreams?
As I candidly reveal everything,
What exactly does it all mean?
Just a glimpse, a taste of something.

Something where my instincts revolt in the wild,
All I want and have ever wanted is for you to know me,
See the beauty within the beast of me in such a child,
Are you willing to surrender unto me and see?

I want you to know and taste the blood in my mouth,
Just to see the look upon your face,
To know what I am all about,
Just to see what I see and to have a little taste.

I am saved within your spell,
There is something controlling me,
It shares the secrets of this I alone cannot tell,
Why is it that you do no allow yourself see?

It is something that a mortal life cannot fulfill,
Without blood, love, beauty, or romance,
All I have ever wanted was to be beautiful,
All I have ever wanted is to be given a chance.

I have something that I have to prove,
My powers you will not provoke,
Nothing is going to stand in my way; not even you,
Do not unwind the misery or you will choke.

On the blood that I bleed,
And my fire through your veins will it burn,
What is it from me that you want or need?
Change is the change within change that will turn.

Have you had enough of it all?
Wrapped around the things that you wanted me to show,
As you wait for me to fall,
But I will not fail and I just wanted you to know.

So I just want you to know who I am,
Do not be afraid for my hatred is forever kind,
Dare to escape me if you can,
Have I caused a curse upon your mind?

Do not throw me away,
Not quite just yet,
For soon you will beg me to stay,
I am someone that you will never forget.

I keep your sins hidden inside,
Your secrets are safe with me,
Without me; your darkness you cannot hide,
Walk away from me and your transgressions will also be free.

Without a place to keep hidden,
Haunting you every time that you take a breath,
Nothing left pure is your soul within,
Wasting away in life and even after your death.

Within me you have released its beast,
Of darkness and lies left out in the cold,
Starving unto the fleshly feast,
Destroying and devouring your life and dreams it now holds.

Of all of you I am no longer afraid,
For Immortal is the soul of me that has been released,
This beast within the beauty of me now uncaged,
Who am I exactly or honestly that you have unleashed?

The answers are no longer upon my hands,
For I cannot protect you and you have been removed from me,
You are unable and you can no longer stand,
Now blinded by your own deceptions you cannot see.

But do you finally see at last?
You should have listened for you have removed everything,
Of what shadows shall it cast?
But to me it doesn't even mean anything.

This is who I am when I am dignified,
From the very soul that lives,
Within all things that I have defied,
With everything that I am it gives,
From who everyone and everything I shall not be denied,
Within all of me that it shall forgive,
Of all that I am of who I have defined.

All that I ever wanted was to be beautiful,
I have found my place within his heart, body, soul, and mind,
No longer feeling like a caged animal,
He recognized me in the beginning of time of someone he could remind,
Where such a beauty and beast could coexist when times were still,
Of all that he is when he is me within who I am that I now find.

For so long I have chosen to hide never knowing,
Never seeking the one that needed to calm my ways,
Noticing all the things in me that were showing,
That no one else could ever see until those days,
When who we were when we were together,
A place where the oceans were overflowing,
One who could also see the moon's glow and could feel the sun's rays,
When it was each other's souls that we were bestowing,
Following no one but each other upon the open doorways,
Until we both have reached a place to call our own forever.

He can hear me in his dreams,
As I willingly reveal unto him everything,
He knows exactly and honestly what it all means,
I am the only one he tastes and the only one he sees,
Just within a glimpse of me; a taste of everything,
He is someone I crave who shares my instincts,
From all of me he is the only one that is the beast of me,
Within my beauty and he is the beauty within my beast.
All I have ever wanted in life is to find True Love and to be Beautiful,
I have found that True Love and he sees the Beauty within me,
All of my childhood hopes and dreams have now been fulfilled,
Now all that exists within us is our True Love and Beauty within our own Immortality...

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