Jasmin Carriere

Because Of You. - Poem by Jasmin Carriere

You can make me feel so happy like im perfect and above all
In a flash you can rip me down and make me feel so small

Out of know where you make me feel like you actually care
In a moment you remind me that you wouldn’t dare

Over time you can make me feel strong and powerless
In a second you can change it and ruin my success

Im righting this now cause you made me feel disgusting today
I read all your lies every thought you betrayed

I can see through your smile and your way with words
Now I remember im not what you preferred

Im simply here watching you kill me inside
Remembering everything the tears that I cried

All the times I suffered and listened to you
All the things you said the things you didn’t do

You’ve made me who I am today
Turned my skies from blue to grey

Because of you I live my life thinking im pathetic and worthless
Now nothing can change my life’s mess

But now im done can’t control it anymore
My body aches my wrists are sore

As blood drips from y wrists
Just remember what I am still exists

Go to sleep every night knowing this is what you’ve done
Robbed a child of everything her soul her life even her as one

So here are my thanks to you
Im gone because of your words though they were never true

Though I had nothing better to believe
I hope for you your goal was achieved

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, February 12, 2010

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