Because The Pleasure-Bird Whistles Poem by Dylan Thomas

Because The Pleasure-Bird Whistles

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Because the pleasure-bird whistles after the hot wires,
Shall the blind horse sing sweeter?
Convenient bird and beast lie lodged to suffer
The supper and knives of a mood.
In the sniffed and poured snow on the tip of the tongue of the year
That clouts the spittle like bubbles with broken rooms,
An enamoured man alone by the twigs of his eyes, two fires,
Camped in the drug-white shower of nerves and food,
Savours the lick of the times through a deadly wood of hair
In a wind that plucked a goose,
Nor ever, as the wild tongue breaks its tombs,
Rounds to look at the red, wagged root.
Because there stands, one story out of the bum city,
That frozen wife whose juices drift like a fixed sea
Secretly in statuary,
Shall I, struck on the hot and rocking street,
Not spin to stare at an old year
Toppling and burning in the muddle of towers and galleries
Like the mauled pictures of boys?
The salt person and blasted place
I furnish with the meat of a fable;
If the dead starve, their stomachs turn to tumble
An upright man in the antipodes
Or spray-based and rock-chested sea:
Over the past table I repeat this present grace.

Carl Bowers 30 March 2016

This reading, line by halting line, is wooden, And false to Thomas as the true cross is true. Twain said, You have the words, but not the music. You must do better, else faith snap in two.

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Paul Amrod 30 June 2015

This man could write, couldn't he? Absolutley lyrical phonetically gorgeous and a thrill to read out loud. Bob Dylan decided to take his name on. My Composition teacher met him in a jazz club in the early fifties. Stravinsky also put Don't go lightly into the Dark Night to music. Also his choice of instruments was gorgeous. Trombone choir and Strings and a Tenor. God bless him,

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Carl Bowers 30 March 2016

It's Do not go gentle into that good night- and what other inaccuracies do you remenber? Please honor the dead by being faithful to their truth.

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Paul Amrod 30 June 2015

The man could write couldn't he! I havew always enjoyed his work. Bob Dylan grabbed his name for himself. He met my Composition teacher in the eraly fifties in a jazz club in New York. God bless him!

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Brian Jani 26 April 2014

Awesome I like this poem, check mine oit

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