Beginning Again Poem by Elizabeth Grace

Beginning Again

This is my moment.

This is where you end
and I take to the sky.
Yeah, it's true that I loved you
but I'm saying goodbye.
I am rising from the ashes
of the life you left behind,
I am building from the rubble
of the tower of us - crushed
under the weight of the world.
Our foundation was always cracked.
Perfection can't be attained
out of broken dreams and giving up.
I had given up when I met you
and you made me feel
like it was all right
to fade into nothing.
I carried you in my skin,
I carved you into my soul,
your voice became the voice in my head.
I lived for you.
You used me.
I see it now. I see the lies
and I see the reality -
I see that you are sick.
You once said that
you wished
I would be motivated enough
to get better,
but you said it as you threw your life away.
Hypocrisy was the game you played
and I don't think you realize
that I will never be there again.
My dreams are real
turning into reality
and I will never let you
drag me down to darkness,
drag me down to death.
Never again.

Stefanie Fontker 16 October 2011

It is borderline impossible to come back from the crushing end to a relationship. I love this poem, so raw, so emotional.

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