Would You? Poem by Elizabeth Grace

Would You?

Rating: 5.0

Let's pretend for a minute
that it's all show and tell
that I'm not crucified
in this personal hell.
Let's pretend we're still talking
like we did every night
let's pretend we never had
that ridiculous fight.
Let's pretend for a moment
you actually cared
that you won't run away
from the life that we shared.
Let's pretend that I loved you
pretend I still do.
Pretend I would never stop.
Would you?

Let's remember each night
that we stayed up together
trying with each breath
to get closer to heaven,
sharing our tears
that we earned through the years
as a final release
from the worst of our fears.
Remember those times
that I knew you were there
that I believed you when you said
you would always care.
Remember the night
that we fell from the stars
and we spoke of the blood
and we showed our scars.

Now forget that I ever
was part of your past
forget that forever
just couldn't last.
Forget that I trusted
forget that you lied
forget that I came to you
when I cried.
Forget that I loved you
though I never could say.
My greatest fear was realized
when you went away.
Forget our tomorrows
forget that dumb fight
forget me - I'll be gone
by the end of the night.

I never thought forever
wouldn't come true.
If I asked you to help me - to save me,
would you?

Efran Menny 10 August 2011

I like this poem brings back a nostalgic feel about my relationships

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Amber S 09 August 2011

thank you so much for posting this poem it is really good i loved it. :) 10.0

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This poem nearly made me cry. It is for touching.

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