One Day At A Time Poem by Elizabeth Grace

One Day At A Time

Take it easy, take a breath.
Where are you rushing off to?
What do you have to do
that is more important than
living in this moment?

Today won't last forever,
the joy, the pain, they'll never
come again, and you
will have a chance tomorrow
to begin anew.

We all make mistakes, I know.
We hurt those we love
and lose touch with life,
but take a moment to get perspective -
this is the only time you will ever live this day.

Moments fade away
into pasts, thoughts, memories,
and they aren't always easy.
Some of them make us smile,
but some will hurt for a while.

Forgive yourself.
Forgive yourself for whatever you
need to be forgiven for. Don't
regret being human. Don't give up.
Try again tomorrow.

This life will never be perfect,
but it has to be worth it
and there is a reason that we are here.
Call it God's will, call it whatever you will
but this isn't all for nothing.

When you fall, don't lie on your back
looking at the stars,
willing them down.
Reach up higher than before, grab hold,
and never let go.

When you go out there
into the world, there will be times
when you feel so alone, like
there's nobody there, but
you always have people for you.

You always have someone who cares.

Dorian Suchelle 12 August 2011

wow you are a very good writyer very good!

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