Mistakes I'Ve Made Poem by Elizabeth Grace

Mistakes I'Ve Made

Rating: 4.8

I've made my
share of mistakes.
I lost count somewhere along the way
between heartache and
I am transient.

I've made so many mistakes.
I've hurt enough friends and
been hurt enough
to know when it isn't worth it.
I know when to run.

I've made mistakes
by judging too quickly
by giving up too easily.
I've made mistakes
by holding on too long.

Yeah, I've made mistakes
when deciding who to trust.
I've made mistakes by
talking when I shouldn't
and trusting blindly.

I've made mistakes.
I've hurt others,
I've been hurt.
I have loved,
I have lost those I loved.

I've made mistakes.
I once thought forever was a promise.
I learned that promises
can't be kept
when you die.

I've made mistakes,
given power to those
who don't deserve it-
could never earn it,
are not worth it.

I've been hurt so many times
that I began to realize
the point isn't to learn from my mistakes.
The point is to run away
and never face them.

I've made mistakes.
I have hurt those I love
and I have loved those who hurt me.
They will never be

I've lied so many times
my mind has become
unrecognizable - a twisted
disfigurement of

I've made so many mistakes.
I know how to recognize them.
I know when to call it over,
I know when it's not worth it.
I know when I cannot take any more.

I know I've made mistakes.
I will never be perfect.
My life is a never ending train of screw-ups,
but I have finally realized something.

I have learned that
through all of the mistakes I have made,
everything I haven't done right,
knowing you
never was, will never be
a mistake.

Efran Menny 10 August 2011

it has a message, its a nice poem

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It is the power to discern and own up one's mistakes that makes makes one a better being, that enables his/her to live a better life. Loved it, dear poet.

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Chinedu Dike 22 November 2019

Well expressed thoughts and feelings nicely brought forth in persuasive expressions with conviction. A witty and introspective piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth.

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Brian Jani 14 June 2014

Elizabeth what an awesome poem

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Vanessa Hughes 20 August 2011

Confidence and strength are built from making mistakes in life but surviving them. I've found, people who lash out in life at others, do so because they are truly unhappy with themselves. If you can learn to love yourself, you have far more tolerance in dealing with others. I really like your poetry, keep up the good work Nessy xx

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Veronica Scavillo 10 August 2011

I really like this poem and sometimes i know i can relate

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