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I've made my
share of mistakes.
I lost count somewhere along the way
between heartache and

I am worth the world,
though I know it's hard to see
the diamonds hiding in my soul
(the good inside of me.)

Nobody loves me
nobody cares,
nobody needs me
or just wants me there.


He taught me
to seek freedom
He taught me

This is all I have left to give you.
The truth, hanging on a silver string.

I gave you all I had,

Let's pretend for a minute
that it's all show and tell
that I'm not crucified
in this personal hell.


Give me something to hold on to,
a light to cut the night,
a beacon that shines through

You are my symphony
resounding in my head
Each passage of a minute
conducts a minuet, and I

Lost, ever wandering in this
strange wasteland of memories.
time slipping by like a fantasy -
a daydream, forgotten as eyes open.

Take it easy, take a breath.
Where are you rushing off to?
What do you have to do
that is more important than

I told you I could not do this again.
You swore with every promise,
every broken-hearted smile

This is the past
falling into oblivion.
This is the path
I have chosen to walk on.

She's always heard
that if you dream it,
you can achieve it
but so far all she's achieved


There's a lonely girl
who has stars instead of eyes
and rain falls in crystals
whenever she cries.

The stars are dancing,
night has come, draped in velvet.
Distant drops of golden light are
the buttons of her gown.

I sit and stare at the moonlight, alone,
tears bleeding out through every poem to your ghost.
Bruce Springsteen plays in the background, but doesn’t fit
the quietly pensive mood that I am in.

The sun isn’t hot enough, the wind isn’t
quite so rare, nor so chilling
as to stir the sleeping spirit within me and
force my hand to write again.

This is my moment.

This is where you end
and I take to the sky.

I have lost the anger.
I have no inspiration
to take my words
and craft them into a twisted image

It would have been
to stay silent, to let you
fade away with a whisper

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I write because I live, I live because I write.)

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Mistakes I'Ve Made

I've made my
share of mistakes.
I lost count somewhere along the way
between heartache and
I am transient.

I've made so many mistakes.
I've hurt enough friends and
been hurt enough
to know when it isn't worth it.
I know when to run.

I've made mistakes
by judging too quickly
by giving up too easily.
I've made mistakes
by holding on too long.

Yeah, I've made mistakes
when deciding who to trust.
I've made mistakes by
talking when I shouldn't
and trusting blindly.

I've made mistakes.
I've hurt others,
I've been hurt.
I have loved,
I have lost those I loved.

I've made mistakes.
I once thought forever was a promise.
I learned that promises
can't be kept
when you die.

I've made mistakes,
given power to those
who don't deserve it-
could never earn it,
are not worth it.

I've been hurt so many times
that I began to realize
the point isn't to learn from my mistakes.
The point is to run away
and never face them.

I've made mistakes.
I have hurt those I love
and I have loved those who hurt me.
They will never be

I've lied so many times
my mind has become
unrecognizable - a twisted
disfigurement of

I've made so many mistakes.
I know how to recognize them.
I know when to call it over,
I know when it's not worth it.
I know when I cannot take any more.

I know I've made mistakes.
I will never be perfect.
My life is a never ending train of screw-ups,
but I have finally realized something.

I have learned that
through all of the mistakes I have made,
everything I haven't done right,
knowing you
never was, will never be
a mistake.

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izzy Barnwell 26 October 2011

This is real good, Elizabeth.Check out my poems please!

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Stefanie Fontker 13 September 2011

A poet with a fire too hot for this earth, and words too deep for the oceans lesser poets would write about. May her reign last long.

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