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i am 17, i begun my poetry only last year and love writing it. Its just a way to show you feelings in a different aspect and letting other people to be inspired by your writing and be able to relate it to their life. My first poem was Seven Whispers and i think i have learnt from that poem to explore more into poetry and write in different ways my favourite poem is Truth because it is personal to me only written recently inspiration mostly come from the band Good Charlotte for most my poems.

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Drew Chadwick 30 March 2005

You are utterly amazing and inspirational. Fantastic, deep work. Well done.

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Andrew Konisberg 27 May 2005

keep at it, Jodi. you are extremely talented. I could only just about string sentences together at your are writing things that are 'up there' with some of the best poets on this site. I am only an average poet myself, but I know ability when I read it. Keep going!

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long gone 08 April 2005

you, quite simply, are one of the most gifted writers on the entire site. I am stunned at how effortless your verse appears. and...your best is yet to come.

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Lamont Haywood 31 March 2005

You are a sensitive and talented poet. Your work is brilliant! You are capable of writing the way most of us wish we could write and yet to be so young...It is only in age however because your heart is very mature and wise. You make me believe again.

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Bkhj Chen 31 March 2005

you are a goddess in poetry. i look forward to seeing your published poetry books in the future.

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Emily Nunchuck 31 March 2005

The first person I've read on here with an age so close to mine, as well as a talent far beyond her age. You're most definately one of the best poets of our age I've read, and it's nice to relate to poems as I do with yours.

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The Best Poem Of jodi right



Sigh not for there is hope
Doubt not because it is there
Just seek it
Let thy eye wander far
Just touch it
Let thy hands lay softly
Just live it
Let thy heart fill the cold
And conquer
Laugh in joy not in cruelness
Cry always but not in pain
Sing tunes for the far
And Dance for the near
Wonder not
Because hope never dies

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