Francis Duggan

Believe In Your God - Poem by Francis Duggan

Believe in your God if it suits you but to your God do remain true
For if for your God you wish to harm others your God will not be happy with you
For if your God is as great as you say he is for others he would not wish you to harbour hate
For inflicting injury on others is something you should not celebrate.

Believe in your God if it suits you but for your God war do not wage
For if there is a God he is a kind God and on his behalf he would not wish you to rage
Against those who do not believe as you do a true God difference would embrace
And those who wage war in his name God would disown in his heart for them there's no place.

Believe in your God if you choose to but leave others to their own way
It does not mean that they are bad people if to a different God to your God they pray
To their beliefs they are entitled each to their own or so they say
There is one thing to make us all equal we all will and must die one day.

Believe in your God if you so wish to but respect those who to you feel quite differently
'Tis our differences that make us interesting though with that you may not agree
You feel too full of your self importance you talk about the us and the they
But have you the right to condemn others because to a different God to you they pray.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 28, 2008

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