Best Loved Haiku For You Poem by john tiong chunghoo

Best Loved Haiku For You

Rating: 5.0

the mind's
eternal dance

this night
the silence that is
all you

spring drive
the yellow butterflies in
their love flights

The Sleep Poem
Sleep sometimes when i seek you
you leave me high and dry
a night turning over and over
...leaf of listlessness
veins of anguish seeping
through like mirages

sleep sometimes i got
overtaken by you
without much prayer
moon or moonless
starry night or starless
i black out in your thick bossom


this cool night
the only things lacking
your warm hands

after the indian dance
three little bells
on the stage

I remember the days when I was barely three years old very well - thanks to a magpie. Each day she would perch on top of a pyramid like roof and sing away. Her song though sounded more like some woman complaining about her own life.
She would sing all those songs to the heavens. I could not help myself from talking and consoling the bird.... well in my own language.

shrivelled leaf
i still hold onto
the sweet moments

Wave after wave
crushes on my legs
i remember mom's every word help me stand
on my own two feet

What a strange happening. Right in the middle of the night a little bird flew into my house on the 16th floor and headed straight to the old antique tibetan crystal buddha I had bought on the same day.

morning dew drops
such tender refreshing
youthfulness - you

Petalouda Blue 21 August 2016

This was my first time commenting on the site and I accidentally left the poem rating at the default setting (5) . I meant to rate it at 10.

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