Birth Of The Man Whose Eyes Saw Truth Poem by Casey Stewart

Birth Of The Man Whose Eyes Saw Truth

Stop the demands
I’m sick of the irony in their words
It is not the cyclical nature of this mishap
I tried to deviate from the path
But you two were busy
And listen up little girl
Do not point your finger of blame in my face
Where is my charity?
So long was I drowning in my own problems
And when I emerged I expected to be greeted
By those who had laid their problems to rest
Six feet under I thought sorrow now rested
A lover not interested in staying any longer
Friends who accuse others of their own absence
Of their own ignorance
A girl who will not visit her soul mate
Screams at him to do so

You fools are not right
So full of arrogance
Little girl do not wish you had my life
You haven’t once tasted isolation
Mother please pay attention to your life
And do something other then die
Brother do not end up like us
A dying breed of sadistic cannibals
Eating ourselves alive hour by hour
Drug addicts on the street
Abusers in suburban homes
Each of us our own burden to contribute
To this collage of suffering
I see the world as it is
What hope is there for my childhood dreams?
I am stronger now then I’ve ever been before
But the game has just started
So many people letting me down
As I now turn once again to false love
To satisfy lust
Immortality lives on
In the cruel actions of man
Repeated throughout the world to one another

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