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Let's see, I was born in Georgia, and I have lived here my entire life, unfortunatly. I am obsessed with music of all type. You can let me listen to two notes of any song, be it, rap, r&b, rock, metal,80's pop, current pop, and country and I can tell you exactly who sings it and the name of the song. Music is the closest thing I find to poetry on a ...

Amber Green Poems

The Lost Cause

Lost words.
Lost cares.


I still cry.
I still ache.
I still destroy myself.
I still want you to hold me.

Wanted Lies

Lie to me,
Tell me that you'll be here.


Send another message
Send another plea
Because life just isn't right
Without you here with me

Simple Mistake- Not Grammacially Correct

Physical pain is actually felt
As I try my hardest not to cry

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