Freshman Year Poem by Gabriella Franco

Freshman Year

Rating: 5.0

It was so cool being a freashman
That, I must say
I got a lot of slack
And didn't get homework every day

My brother's one grade up
And he spent hours doing work
I don't want to be an upperclassman
Cuz freshman has it's perks

You get picked on, but not too much
You're still a kid, out of touch

You find out what your subgroup is and
where they all come from
It's that freshman year, that you learn to love
The joys of life and high school years
The teachers who will lend an ear
The kids who like to beat you up
And then the emos who don't smile enough

Not everyone experiences this, that is way too true
But I sure did, my darling, and i know you did too
I loved the pressure and the one-upping
I loved the challenge, never stopping

I loved knowing I could always move on
And that the day is never too long
That heartache happens, and people will fail
You'll get bad report cards in the mail
I know this may seem way too optimistic
But I'm not in the mood to give any lip

I'm on my way to sophmore year
A few more years and then NO MORE SCHOOL
Then on too college, then to work
I want to stay a freshmanic fool! ! ;)

[yes i know, this is a very strage and
quirky poem but I'm in a strange and quirky mood]

Brian Jani 13 May 2014

This is a good piece of poetry Gabriella

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Amber Green 08 January 2007

Haha...emo's. Priceless. You're right it was quirky but also very good.You have an awesome talent.

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Abigail Keller 22 June 2006

Aha love the bit about the emos- they are everywhere! This poem isn't strange- it's incredible! That is exactly how I feel after this year- you see I didn't have the luxury of an older brother so it all came as a surprise. Great portrayl of your feelings, this poem is being added to my faves list. ~Amber~

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