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Hands swing around
a circle of numbers
till they reach out
both of them,

Can you imagine
my tease so nice,
sweet with sugar
full of spice.

Inside my empty room
there's only pictures in the dark,
I'm thinking in my solitude
because thoughts are what we are.

Hanged from the gallows
of creative writing.
Swinging from the gibbet
of sentence construction.

'Mirror, mirror off the wall
how did you come to dropp and fall?

With silver slithers of pointed glass

Beneath gas lamps
black night skies
to eary sounds
of distant cries.

She had so much potential it sometimes got her down,
she didn’t like her work but it got her into town.

It really was a problem but she chose to ignore it,

From the optics
of her trancendent mind
he pours himself
a sociable measure, and

On a black and white pedestrian crossing
holding up the traffic
with a skateboard under one arm,
he frantically picks dropped coins

Take on board the game is over.
Your mind frequents
a deep and thoughtful checkmate.
A poignant move from the queen

Following footsteps
faintly in the snow,
I've got the scent
I know which way to go.

Sunny multiplication *
Shines through additional air +
And glistens on the waters of division /
That stand on a muddy bed of subtraction. -


I became the joker,
you wouldn't deal me in.
I never had the chance to play
and so I couldn’t win.

I'm fast asleep, the rain pours down on this winters day.
My room is dark, the sky outside is grey.
I'm like climbing up a cliff face while gravity pulls me down.
One jump that's all it takes, just one slip to get me down.

First Course:

A large bowl of calculus
to dip a mixed bag of polynomials in.

I get in bed from rain I hide
under covers deep inside
where I like to be
where my bed and I seem to agree.

A face ripples
in waves of light
to stare back from
the waters edge,

Strolling up along a rocky mountain pass
to a world so green, so very full of grass.
Travelling up along to pastures new
in a world so very clear under a sky so blue.

Pick Up

In the car park
the man sits in his car,

Raggy Rhythm

frays a

Adrian Cox Biography

I write poems to amuse myself. I have a collection of 23 poems. The collection is called LOOK. I was born in Lincoln England on 28/4/65. I was educated at Robert Pattinson School and left in 1981. Later I studied at the Open University where I studied mathematics and got a Bachelor of Science Open degree. I currently live with my girlfriend in Nottinghamshire, where I work as a Support Worker for learning disabilities, complex needs and challenging behavour. I enjoy playing the guitar and have some videos on youtube under 'emo adi' and I have a web site at http: // http: // http: // http: // http: //

The Best Poem Of Adrian Cox

A Black In The Eye

Hands swing around
a circle of numbers
till they reach out
both of them,
grab you by the lapels
then smack you in the eye.

You're late for work again.

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Yvonne Rautenbach 04 July 2009

Interesting Biography Adrian would like to read more about you..

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