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Blanket Syd - The World Anew - Poem by David Lacey

All I seek is a lust beyond the want for climax,
I seek a beauty with which to trust my soul;
A beauty to make me whole in knowing
We flow as one in the same.

Inside placid beasts lay tamed
As angels outside play games un-named.

Gabrielle opens up her eyes to you, turning her head ornamental,
Beseeching to minds lost in wonderment oriental philosophies on which to ponder.
She holds within her form the innocence of the lamb still she retains a knowledge of the flesh.
She feeds the imagination with promises of sexual gratification fresh as golden fabrics flow in swallowing her form. Her head turns upon a spine cast within the kiln as Blanket Syd distorts the visions of the helmsman holding fantasy captive within the bounds of reality.
She stands domineering in her stance. Daring you to dance for her – she’s daring you to throw inhibition from upon your shoulders - She’s daring you to know Love as your lover.

Red skin gum sticks the joint your holding stiff with your thumb.
Roll. Succumb to the numbing of the senses as the imagination leaps
In bounding, the imagination lay forever lost in searching – attempting to find that which was never there to be found.

Bend the words upon a whim
Skim the surface, don’t break the skin.

Remember, I remember the first time I saw myself from the past
A beard full in flowing clung to my cheeks, my knees forever weak within an age of longing.

Stroke the beast that keeps you calm
So soft to touch upon the palm of your hand.

Lost is ever generation, lost beyond a care.

How old these souls must be now in reflecting upon the time they spent trashed
Crashed out with Joplin’s tones upon the airwaves, screaming the blues to a tune
Of orchestral happiness – Still the blues shine through forever bound within the tragedy
Of a flower born aloft upon the wind. For every song she sung a thousand generations will cry
Awaiting her kind to be born again – The myths are made once your dues are paid then poets will sing your laments.

How culture must resent the descent of youths talent deflowered.
The music’s over yet still she holds strong the crowd.

When I think of all the souls I’ve known I know I loved them all.
Never half but always whole.

They say kissing builds up the muscles in your mouth.

Keep on feeding each other, if your too tired to chew pass it on
Next comes some poor fool lost without his cane.

The oracle serves well the mind of the acid soaked mariner
Lost upon surface of disillusionment – the depths of the abyss they beckon
Calling for confrontation – Push away the daemon for a while


Lost in his manor, seeking solace in the arms of a strange unknowing caress
You can hear them calling upon the edge of sleep, keeping dry sanity from the rain.

Rise from the floor your throne.

One ear feels thick to the finger
Almost stuffed the other cold
As I shuffle ever knowing each second I am older
Yet time dissolves as we feel Our mother revolve
Turning, spurring on creation anew – Creation through destruction breathes
As nutrients are embraced by the soil of the earth as a given gift from Autumns trees.

I know now that meditation is to be found within the realms of masturbation.

I feel sound within myself yet can seem to lift no idea of construct sane from upon the shelf.
Still Gabrielle sings, whispering soft melodies through the winding corridors of trees.
She offers out her hand to me, promising freedom - She promised I would see the World Tree.
She sings soft as an angels charm, claiming that she hath known no death in life.

In you I perceive a beauty of wonderment
Into you I wish I could flow alike a river
Swollen with freshly thawed waters
Dripping to sip she’s sipping from the drip.

Three hours since my soul supped maddened bliss,
I wonder is this night to be mine alone.
For frozen, inescapable horrors lay slumbering upon the
Verge of perversions fantastic.

Gabrielle stirs my soul once more
Opening up the doorways of my heart
Parting the tides below which I have been hiding.
Magick resides within, empowered words vibrate from upon the paper
Surging through the eyes of the observer.
All we need is to know there is another who understands us
All we need is to know there is another who will love us.

I perceive a beauty untarnished
A beauty; raw and unpolluted
Nature at peace within the most harmonious of forms
Still her proportions differ from the norm whilst riding
The waves of storm clouds over head a-gathering
She herds the clouds with the palm of her hand.

She’s asking you to sing
So that you may know
What Love it is she brings
Beneath a blanket snow.

Love could never know the love I have for Love
War could never know the war I would wage on War.
Hate could never know the hatred I feel for Hate.

Patience beside her virtues waits shaking her head
By the cemetery gates – awaiting us to turn –
Knowing we shall one day learn to take within our stride
The undertakings of the Time’s tides ever crashing –
Ever weathering the pride we take in our forms
She awaits for us to know her shelter from the storm.

Outside the winds await in bated breathe
Un able as they are to rest upon the edge of space
‘Nothing proves a greater obstacle than first thought possible.

Out of the corner of your eye images flicker
Portraits turn as canvas eyeballs tumble in their sockets.
Lips of plastic are waxing.
Feeling inferior can lead us nowhere
But the interior of an asylum you would
Not seek as your sanctuary.
An asylum where they would have you sane
Rather than speaking with the spirits of the Dell.

They play, bubbling upon the edge of the imagination.

Are we not painting in sounds the portrait of an generation
Lost to the comfort of islands in the sky?

You’ve seen them laugh, you’ve heard them cry
Now you know what it is to wonder why.
Why it is we may feel out of proportion with our surroundings
Believing through distortion that we are grounded as
The patterns of surrounding tapestries merge as fuel of
The imaginations wanderings.

No one sees it but I see in her eyes the signs of a soul fully wasted
A which forbidden fruits hath tasted.

Speak truth beyond truth if you think you can find the words,
All it is not to go unheard,
All it is to deny the movement of the herd.

Appreciate the gratitude you find in servitude
Towards the honour of a higher cause.
Pause; consider all it is that fuels
Your attitude upon this journey of ours.

Pass away the days, pass away the hours.
For they are ours to pass away.
Make Love throughout the day
And Hold true the blues you feel
If they are all you consider as real
But know that you may peel away the
Veils of this reality we hath inherited
And you will see the world anew.

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