Bleeds The Light Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell

Bleeds The Light

Rating: 4.0

A young girl waits in darkened room,
A flower that’s just begun to bloom,
Lies as if waiting for her groom,
And yet, she’s still a child.

New toys lie scattered everywhere,
Gifts from the man who strokes her hair
And tells her she’s his lady fair,
Like others he’s beguiled.

He comes to her in dark of night,
Soon after Mama outs the light,
In naught but briefs and T-shirt white,
And breath that reeks of beer.

She lies there trembling inside,
Eyes tightly closed as if to hide,
Her stomach in large knots is tied,
For she can sense him near.

She hears the creaking of her door,
His footsteps sneaking ’cross the floor,
And sweat starts seeping from each pore
As he sits ’pon her bed.

Then, suddenly, within night’s gloom,
A long and narrow shadow looms
And sends him flying ‘cross the room
With one blow to his head.

Now through the darkness bleeds the light
Of God’s sweet love and sacrifice
And, bathed in His redeeming light,
The little child’s reborn.

He lays His hand upon her head
’Til all bad memories have fled,
While angels hover overhead
To keep her safe ’til morn.

His death was ruled an accident,
The cause, it was self-evident,
Tripped on a toy and flying went
Into the bedroom wall.

And if perchance one wonders why
They’ve never seen his daughter cry,
They shrug it off and simply sigh,
She was too young, that’s all.

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