Blind Faith Poem by guy lipmore

Blind Faith

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On the TV, the medium for their charity,
Not a hair out of place, smug face.
Through them they say 'God loves beams, ' follow him to fulfill our dreams.
The lord loves us all, let's us prepare for the final call.
Your place will be guaranteed; from decadence and the Devil you'll be freed.

Reaching out from the screen, concealing their scheme.
Help build the temples and plan, against the forces of Satan.
Preaching the Lords glory, which needs your faith and money.
Give all you can afford, for Jesus and the lord.
There's one thing for sure, our love and money will banish Lucifer.
Send a little money or more,
Remember ‘Beelzebub' will do his worse against the young, old, rich or poor'
Forward your cheques, ‘your place will be booked', you'll have no regrets'!

Yes generously donate, before it's ‘too late'
Repent your sins, he says with gleeful grins!
Recall the good book, only the good ones will be took...
When judgment day comes around, and Jesus once again descends down.
The prelude to salvation, before eternal damnation.
No choice for the sinners, the repentant will be the winners.
As any believer will foretell, join us or face the ‘limbo of hell'

So don't worship the material things, look at the greed it brings.
Seeking faceless values, striving for wealth, it's the Devils work by stealth!
Yes evil's doing, will only bring despair and ruin.
Satan can be so devious; the Lord knows it's difficult for most of us.
Against the temptations of the Devil, we must keep a strong will.

Yes my friends, 'touch the screen, feel what I mean.'
Be on our best behavior, trust in our savior.
Live your life, untainted, free of temptation, the funds we raise is Gods foundation.
Your monies you send will help us defend.
Pay direct if you like, from your bank account.
Before the pro grammes ends, in faith all depends.
Remember our Lord works in mysterious ways, in the end, 'believe me it pays'! !
One last thing, cheques and money, make payable to thee`! ! !

guy lipmore.


My take on the TV Evangelists and their request for 'donations' No offence to anyone from any religion, faith or creed.
Velvet Bloodlust 04 July 2013

Well said! As a former Mormon, and now Atheist, your poem speaks to me. Keep on writing!

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Dave Walker 18 August 2012

I really get what your saying here. everything as a price these days. A great poem.

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