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'I intend to run for parliament,
And represent you in government.
Want to be your M.P,
Vote me in, trust me!

Born into tradition,
generation gone by.
Mind of condition,
about to defy.

Land of the ‘free' he was born unintentionally,
Away from his native home, returning at the age of three.

Back to a place uncompromising and tough,

Carnage of war,
Wounded, What's it all for.?
Question the insanity,
got to break free.

Each one of us is searching for an end, well before its'due to arrive.
Each trying to contend, in life we strive.
Searching for an answer, a meaning, consciously or dreaming.
As to what and why we are in the universe?

Soul destroyed, pride almost gone.
Unemployed, for eternally long.
Time caught up with skills of old,
Mind and body, not enough against the modern world.

A damn disgrace, an outrage,
In this modern day and age.
Food banks, and charities,
Soup kitchens and volunteers.

Germany, stationed there were two regiments,
Welsh boys with 'fun'-taking comments.
The "Black Mafia" did n't take too kindly to that,
Some thing they would have to do, matter of fact!

On the TV, the medium for their charity,
Not a hair out of place, smug face.
Through them they say 'God loves beams, ' follow him to fulfill our dreams.
The lord loves us all, let's us prepare for the final call.

Born of noble ancestry,
forgotten hero of history.
Lands and estate,
Greatness would await.


Growing up into the'deep south'way,
Black and White, no grey.! !
‘Know your place'every day,
No change, things just stay.!

Harrowing situation,
Cut to the bone with his affliction.
Invisible disease eating away,
His function and mind in decay.

Hurt and pain don’t describe,
What is felt inside.
When grief touches, numbness rebounds,
No words needed, the eyes speak the sounds.

Transported to the camp of death,
Minutes from her last breath.
She was told to get undressed,
A familiar face spoke to her, he confessed.

The humble sarnie,
Is an absolute delight to me?
Two slices of bread,
About to be lead..

The year ‘38 radio show,
But most didn't know.
Not real, just a production,
What a reaction!

Finally gone, laid to rest,
Forget the gossip, the hounding press.
Not the best some would suggest,
Just an alcoholic, they would protest.

Conversation breaks down,
So begins the ‘silent sound’.
The quietness only broken,
By sharp words spoken.


The year was AD nine,
An unknown yet a defining time.
Germania, now modern Germany,
Site of utter catastrophe?

Sleek and iconic.
Marvel of design, superb.
Curves of magic,
Many a true word.

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' Vote For Me.'

'I intend to run for parliament,
And represent you in government.
Want to be your M.P,
Vote me in, trust me!
I will give you job security,
More police on the beat.
And more pension money,
When I get the seat.
Stop teenagers drinking under-age,
And sort the housing shortage.
Recall our troops from the war zones,
Make you feel secure in your homes.
On me you can bet,
You'll have no regret.
Tackle child poverty,
Reduce street crimes.
End animal cruelty,
Get rid of hospital waiting times.
You can count on me,
I promise you honestly!
Permanent free bus passes,
Smaller school classes.
Action on 'greenhouse' gasses,
Reduce income taxes.
Get me elected, (Via-rose tinted glasses!)
I'll promise you every and anything with a smile,
(Hope it doesn't look like a crocodile! }
Just stick your 'x' in box indicated,
All your hopes will be vindicated.'......! ! !


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Linda Hepner 10 September 2012

You hit the nail on the head every time.

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Rusty Gibson 04 September 2012

So True - Burned out

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