Conflicts Of Mind. Poem by guy lipmore

Conflicts Of Mind.

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Carnage of war,
Wounded, What's it all for.?
Question the insanity,
got to break free.
Maybe foolhardy,
or sheer bravery.?
Either way he was decorated,
choice of post stated.
Chose the frontier,
before it disappeared.
Out into the plains they ride,
ever rolling and wide.
Come across signs of dead,
death by arrowhead.
Reach post, deserted all gone,
decision made, stay on.
Wait for their return,
they wouldn't he'd learn.
No sign of command,
in his journal he penned.
'Two socks' appeared,
no threat, as first feared
'Wild Indian'first contact,
'stealing horse', he did distract.
Sure more of them will come,
preparation getting done,
Another‘war party'raid,
one of them is not afraid.! !

Realization had dawned,
after being warned.
No troops, no relief,
no need for the grief.
Meet the Indians head on,
'thinking', don't know where from!

Come across, 'white squaw'alive but injured,
her life he secured.
Questions from red man chief,
answers from white man, 'Kicking Bird' would seek.
At his fort, impression made,
maybe a foundation laid.?

The'white squaw'asked to talk white,
Scared to say right.
Names introduced,
progress produced?
Back at fort,
noise, his ears caught!
Seen the Buffalo's,
races to tell them he knows.
Camp on the move,
follow their life's food.
They have their trust guaranteed,
to follow them he agreed.
Brow of hill,
witness the mass kill.
Disbelief, minds shook,
only skins the whites took.
Greed by the whites,
total disregard for Sioux rights.
Dunbar, his heart sank,
as flesh rotted and stank.
Angered minds in the tribe,
to their fight he would subscribe.
No more, his mind in confliction,
clear thoughts, now conviction.
Knowing'his peoples'intentions,
survival now, no pretensions.

Buffalo hunt, he would join,
majestic herds rumbling.
For life's need,
a few would bleed.
Rogue bull,
his trigger to pull.
He would save,
the young brave.
Played his part,
‘shared the heart.'

Time to leave,
his future to concede.
Return to his outpost, lonely,
his own company.
Nothing to report,
only one thought.
Indian life, draws him back,
chose his track.
'Prairie wolf' follows, starts a game,
braves see and gives him a‘real'name! !

Joined their‘war party'
told 'to protect chief's family.'
As the culture further pulls,
learns new name Dances with wolves'.
Language he's learning,
his love and passion burning.
The people he'll miss,
no future with Stands Up With A Fist.'
He leaves again,
connection with 'Two Socks' his friend.
Tries to say good bye,
His squaws'union'he would tie! !

Against rival tribe he'd defend,
with his life he would fend.
Never in a battle, like before,
confirmed his mind to the core.
'Stands Up With A Fist' released,
restriction ceased.
'Kicking Bird' he would agree,
'Dances With Wolves'could marry! !
Short ceremony,
straight to bed of matrimony.! !

'Kicking Bird' always asking,
How many more whites coming.?
Dumbar tells him 'like the stars many, '
quiet faces show fear for Sioux country.

Returns to fort,
his journals he sought.
Met by his cavalry,
had to tell his story.
Snide remarks, 'shoot or salute',
Asked, 'Why not in army suit.'?
Told to cooperate,
for his own sake.
Shipped back for trial,
his 'Two Socks', shot on trail.

His tribe ambush to rescue,
which they do.
Killing his own to live,
Soldiers would not forgive.
He fully knew,
they will pursue.
He did contemplate,
for his tribes fate,
He will leave behind,
before the military find.

Said their sad farewell,
parting 'gift'his journal.
Goodbye from 'Kicking Bird, '
in English word.
'Wind In Hair'shouts they will always be friends,
Dumbar, his silent stare, acknowledgment he sends.
Dunbar, off he goes,
as the wind of change blows.

Fourteen years would reveal, .
the Sioux brought to heal.
No longer can they defend,
on welfare, they depend.
Once a proud nation,
now on a reservation.
The Bison nearly to extinction,
for the Sioux, not much distinction.! !

22/03/07 GUY LIPMORE.

'Great Film'

What a film, scene after scene,
questions your very being!
So emotional, cultures collides,
conflicts of hearts and minds.
Every emotion, every feeling depicted,
Anger, fear, contentment, love, hate, nothing restricted.
From opening scene and civil war,
to production, direction to music score.

23/03/07 GUY LIPMORE.

My take on the film 'Dances With Wolves'....if you haven't seen it, watch it...! ! !
Ray Quesada 09 January 2013

Great job! I liked how your name rhymed with the last line, haha clever. keep up the good work my friend! !

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Bernard Snyder 01 August 2012

Okay Guy! Your style is different, I might add. Though captivating to one's mind. I like your style a lot! I will read more later. Thanks for sharing!

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