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God smiles with pleasant face
I raised my agonies
Why the earth filled with pain
When it will finish

</>The Young Couple
The small thatched house
The green front fields
The cool small stream

</>Disordered lambs
Runs in dence desert
With hunger and thurst
Here and there


</>Take the Beautiful sky and earth
I don`t want
Stay in the Beautiful Worship places
I don`t want

</>Fire is crying with
Simple voice
In the black smith`s yard
With red crop cutter

</>Dark blue night
Light snow spreading
Slightly opend cattle eyes
Appear the two Refugees,

</>All the trees shed their leaves
Stood under black dress
Everywhere white snows
Except Christmas green tree

</>Dark mansoon clouds...
Left the sky canvas
Appeared Blue sky and
Again onam days

</>Fire pouring missiles
falling one by one
All are running
Here and there

</>A huge crowd
Two salvators
One is the Ghost
And the other is ses

</>Cooly wooly midnight
All are sleeping as well
Except of the two stars
Soul of two responses


</>Root Told
To Stem
I Grow to Sky
And You

</>Mother told me
I hold you in cool
even i am hot
I hold you in light


</>Low Mud Roots
Oval Pond


</>Wishing voices
From the brain with
Long words

</>You made your own calender
Filled with the evil days
By blood, fire, and black smoke
That`s are no long further


</>The grass flowers smell
That was amazing

I can`t stay in Hole

</>In My Little Nest
I Make Noise
Always I Realise
My Mom Also

</>Great dence of darkness
Cant see the path ways
Glorious light arose...
To leads the right way

Vinod Kumar U K Biography

I cried first to sow the wonder world in kerala a southern province of Union of India ancient name is BHARATHA the place of blessed several saints and civilisations, We welcommed all thoughts without any hesitation, all the major religions are mincled here in the beautiful land, Writing is the main object of to show our views and visions, Our first ancient poet Vatmeeki Maharshi wrote his first lines by inspired from the birds, and it si a warning against killing a bird by a forest man, the lines are Maa Nishada... means Dont do devil to kill one of the beauty twin birds... Now it is continuing till now and thousands of poets are repeating to the society Don`t do crual..... Thank you

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God smiles with pleasant face
I raised my agonies
Why the earth filled with pain
When it will finish

God smiles with pleasant face
I untied my worries
Why the fight of fire
When it will conclude

God smiles again and again
And tell without spell
You are the responsible
And stay beyond the sky

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Vinod Kumar U K Popularity

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